CANON VB-C300 Wide Angle PTZ Network Camera


PRICE: $829.00


CANON VB-C300 Wide Angle PTZ Network Camera

CANON VB-C300 Wide Angle PTZ Network Camera

PRICE: $829.00



The VB-C300 builds on the offering of high-quality video monitoring products from the Canon Network Video Solutions assortment. The VB-C300 is the perfect answer when you need to observe a large area with a single installation, thanks to its 70° Wide Angle Lens and superior image quality. It is compact and stylish and can be mounted unobtrusively if the situation demands. Canon has a long standing reputation for optics and image processing and the VB-C300's high sensitivity CCD delivers clear, noise-free video, even in low-light situations. Two-way audio capability adds yet another dimension to your surveillance resources.

  • Wide Angle Lens with Auto-Focus
    The VB-C300 features a genuine Canon auto-focus wide angle lens, with a 70° maximum horizontal angle of view letting you get more of the scene into the frame, even at close range- making it the right choice for monitoring tight spaces such as an ATM kiosks.
    The wide angle of view is also ideal for comprehensive monitoring of large sites, where it's important to catch as much of the scene as possible in a single shot.
    The VB-C300 lens is able to maintain accurate focus throughout the entire image, compared to typical wide-angle lens cameras, where the corners are often out of focus.
    Canon is famous for superbly engineered broadcast and camera lenses, and the 2.4x Optical Zoom lens as found in the VB-C300 delivers the clear, sharp images you expect from a Canon lens. This lens will brilliantly cover a host of monitoring challenges.

  • Panning Capability: Over 360° Coverage
    The VB-C300 has a full 360° horizontal range of capture, giving ultra-wide coverage and clear movement, thanks to fast-acting auto focus. This is especially useful for capturing the view in a large site, for example a lot monitoring installation. With the wide-angle lens, more of your surveillance area can be covered with a single camera.
    The VB-C300 also moves quickly; up to a maximum speed of 90° per second in pan and 70° per second in tilt. Easy adjustability via PC control, make the range of the VB-C300 more accessible- and the quick auto focus ensures that the images will remain remarkably clear during movement. This can be particularly useful in production line monitoring situations.

  • High Sensitivity Progressive Scan
    The VB-C300 utilizes progressive scan video for smooth, high-quality video of rapidly moving subjects. More distinct images of facial features or license plate numbers are also visible through the VB-C300. Genuine Canon optics combined with the progressive scan results in clear, crisp images; where-as images produced with interlaced-based cameras are often more blurred.

  • Exceptional Low Light Performance
    The VB-C300's exceptional low-light performance can capture color video at up to 30fps at only 1 LUX (1/30 shutter speed)- with no reduction in frame rate. Moving subjects can be clearly seen with minimal noise in low light conditions. This greatly expands the usability of the camera in dark, difficult situations, such as outdoor night monitoring.

  • Auto Day / Night Mode
    The VB-C300's auto day/night mode feature allows the camera to automatically switch between color video capture in daylight conditions and light-sensitive black and white video capture in dark conditions.
    An internal motorized IR (infrared) cut filter is automatically lifted away from the light path during low-light conditions to make use of available infrared light, resulting in more detailed black and white images. Switching of the internal motorized IR (infrared) cut filter can also be set to be triggered manually by the user.

  • M-JPEG Encoding and Data Transmission
    The VB-C300 features a boost in data transmission of M-JPEG video over previous generation network cameras. While network cameras typically experience a large drop in frame rate with increased network load, the VB-C300 can deliver high quality video at a high frame rate to multiple clients.
    The VB-C300's built-in network server provides viewing for up to 15 clients simultaneously, through enhanced data transmission performance over earlier generation network cameras. The speed of image delivery on your network is barely affected by the number of monitoring personnel.

  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
    The 802.3af compliant PoE feature makes installation easier by allowing the use of a single ethernet cable to both power the camera, and to carry images back to the monitoring station.*
    * Cable runs of more than 100m will likely require a repeater to provide power to the camera.
    The PoE feature eliminates the need to run additional power to the camera, lowering installation costs. This is especially useful in installations at sites without easily accessible AC outlets, like a parking garage.

  • Simultaneous Two-Way Audio
    The VB-C300 can remotely transmit audio in real time to and from the camera site, from an authorized networked PC. Simultaneous two-way audio allows administrators to either listen in on a camera site, to make announcements to the scene of the camera, or do both at the same time. This full duplex capability is more effective than other walkie-talkie like half duplex systems, in which only one party can send audio at a time.

  • Built-in Terminals
    The base of the VB-C300 is equipped with built-in terminals for connection to various external devices.
    1. Power Connection Socket - Connect the camera to an external power supply or AC adapter (not included). The terminal accepts 12 volts DC power or 24 volts AC power.
    2. 10/100 Base-T LAN Connector - Connect the camera to the network with an RJ-45 cable cable. The VB-C300 integrates the PoE (Power over Ethernet) functionality, so the power can be supplied to the camera via the LAN cable from a PoE Power Injector or an IEEE 802.3af-compliant PoE midspan or switch.
    3. Audio Input Terminal - Use this terminal to connect a microphone to the camera. The Administrator can then monitor the audio at the camera site from a remote location using the NC Viewer application.
    4. Video Output Terminal - Connect a monitor to the camera through this terminal to display video images on the monitor screen. A monaural, mini-jack connector is used, and the video output terminal outputs interlaced NTSC analog video signals. You can also use this terminal for adjusting the camera position at setup.
    5. Audio Output Terminal - Use this terminal to connect a speaker to the camera. Audio can be sent to the camera by the Administrator from a remote location using the NC Viewer application.
    6. External Device I/O Terminals - The camera has two input and one output terminals for the external devices, such as sensors or alarms.
    With all this flexibility, you can get connected and get the VB-C300 working for you right away.

  • The VB Administration Tools are a collection of modules for managing the Canon network cameras, four of which are available when using with VB-C300.
    Panorama Creation Tool - Creates a single image that displays the full field of view of the camera's capture area. Choose the camera's viewing angle and zoom by dragging a "scope" box over any area in the panorama window.
    Preset Setting Tool - Allows administrator to set and name up to 20 preset viewing angles. Once registered, clicking on a preset automatically moves the camera to a desired position for immediate monitoring.
    Log Viewer - Allows administrator to view and search the camera activity log file.
    NC Viewer - NC Viewer is application for viewing live video images from the network camera, and features an easy-to-use interface for controlling camera functions such as PTZ and an innovative access control feature available only in Canon network cameras. There are 2 viewing modes, one for a regular user and one for an administrator. The administrator viewer is pictured below.

  • Easy Setup and Installation
    The VB-C300 is also versatile in the ways it can be installed. It can be placed in an upright position, or mounted on the ceiling, either in the open or in an optional indoor dome recessed housing available in clear or smoked models.
    The dome housings are ultra-compact, with a low, 3.2" (81.5 mm) profile and a base which is only 7.1" (180 mm) in diameter. A wide variety of environments can be accommodated with this flexible camera.