CHURCH VIDEO EQUIPMENT - PTZ CAMERA CONTROLLERS Go Electronic carries a selection of video equipment for use in worship facilities. Video equipment can be used to record sermons or to stream services live on the web (for shut-ins) or air services on local television channels. Equipment can also be used to feed video and audio into other areas of the building, such as the nursery or overflow rooms.

For assistance in assembling a video system for your house of worship, CONTACT US with your specifications and requirements.

There are several benefits to using PTZ cameras with a joystick controller in a church:
  • One person can control PTZ functions of multiple cameras from a remote location using one joystick controller (eliminating the need for multiple volunteers to "man" video cameras).
  • Cameras can be mounted on the wall or on the ceiling, out of the way of the congregation.
  • The joystick controller is more reliable than the IR remote that comes with the PTZ camera as it does not rely on being within line-of-sight and within close proximity of the camera.