EPIPHAN ESP1382 Webcaster X2 Facebook Live and YouTube Encoder


PRICE: $299.95


EPIPHAN ESP1382 Webcaster X2 Facebook Live and YouTube Encoder

EPIPHAN ESP1382 Webcaster X2 Facebook Live and YouTube Encoder

PRICE: $299.95



The easiest way to stream live to Facebook Live and YouTube! Epiphan Webcaster X2™ is a dedicated encoder designed from the ground-up for live streaming to YouTube and Facebook, making streaming a breeze. Pair your device once with your accounts and it remembers your settings for all future streams.

Stream your HD camera, mixer or display by connecting it to the Webcaster X2’s HDMI IN port. Connect a wired or wireless mic to your camera and get professional HDMI audio quality. Webcaster X2 encodes your high quality audio along with your video and streams it to your Facebook or YouTube audience.

Monitor your live video and see viewer comments and reactions in real time. Simply connect a display to the Webcaster X2’s HDMI OUT port.

Video inputsConnectors(1) HDMI™
Input resolutions720p (30 or 60 Hz / fps)
1080p (30 or 60 Hz / fps)
*only these input types are supported, interlaced signals and other frame rates not supported
Audio inputembedded HDMI audio at 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz (firmware 2.5 or higher needed for 48 kHz support)
Local video outputConnectors(1) HDMI out with audio for local video display or confidence monitoring
Audio outputEmbedded HDMI audio
Streaming outputDestinationYouTube or Facebook Live (choose one)
Video bit ratesdefault: 2000 kb/s,
configurable: 1000 kb/s, 2000 kp/s, 3000 kb/s, or 4000 kb/s Note: By default each Webcaster X2 you connect to your network needs a constant uplink bandwidth of up to 2 Mb/s. You can use popular internet speed tests to determine the peak bandwidth you have available, but be cautious with this value as other people and devices, including voice over IP phone systems, can use a significant portion of your available uplink.
Key frame interval2 s
Max frame rate30 fps
Color space4:2:0
Output frame sizedefault 720p at 30 fps (1280×720), supports up to 1080p at 30 fps (1920×1080)
Audio encodingAudio codecsEncoderBitrateSample frequencies
AAC128 kbps44 kHz
Network interfacesConnector(1) Ethernet RJ45
Wi-Fi2.4 GHz 802.11 b/g/n
StreamsNative YouTube Live integration and Facebook Live integration
AdministrationFront panel LCD screen
HDMI OUT port for HDMI monitor support for additional configuration
3 USB ports for USB mouse, keyboard, and BETA USB camera feature
Note: the AV, TF (SD card), and Optical audio ports on Webcaster X2 are not used
Product dimensions4.625″ × 4.875″ × 1″ (117 mm x 124 mm x 25 mm) plus antenna
Max operating temperature35°C
Product weight0.6 lbs (0.272 kg)
Country of originMade in China




Where can I stream to with Webcaster X2?
Webcaster X2 can stream to your YouTube Channel or Events you create on YouTube, to your Facebook Timeline, or to a Facebook Page, Event or Group for which you have permissions to post.

Can I stream to YouTube and Facebook at the same time?
No. Webcaster X2 streams to either Facebook Live or to YouTube.

What kinds of inputs does Webcaster X2 support? And how many?
You can connect one HDMI source to Webcaster X2. This is usually an HD video camera, but could also be a mixer or other device with HDMI output. A USB camera can also be connected, but this is a beta feature and is not fully supported.

Do I need anything other than Webcaster X2 to start streaming?
You’ll need your Webcaster X2, an account on Facebook or YouTube, and a network connection that has access to Facebook or YouTube. You can optionally connect a keyboard, mouse, and HDMI display to monitor your stream, view comments, engage with viewers and configure stream settings.

Can I use Webcaster X2 to stream to someone else's YouTube or Facebook accounts on their behalf?
Yes! You can easily unpair Webcaster X2 from your account, then your friend only needs to enter the device code shown on the LCD into their Facebook and YouTube account and the device will now be paired to their account.

How does audio work with Webcaster X2?
Webcaster X2 supports audio over its HDMI input port. For example, you can connect any wired or wireless mic to your camera to get professional HDMI audio alongside your video.

What resolution can Webcaster X2 output? What about bit rate and frame rate?
Webcaster X2 supports output in frame sizes up to 1080p (1920×1080) for YouTube and Facebook. Webcaster X2 streams at 30 fps and at bit rates up to 4 Mb/s.

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