FOXCOM Foxcom manufactures advanced RF Optical Solutions for the commercial, government and military and defense markets. Foxcom fiber optic links are deployed around the world on numerous military platforms, whether fixed or mobile, on land, in the air or on the water. With more than 50,000 links deployed worldwide, Foxcom is the supplier of choice for leading satellite operators, defense organizations, integrators and broadcasters.

  • Fiber can transmit signals over distances of 100km without signal degradation
  • It is lightweight, flexible and has less optical loss than coax cables
  • It has unlimited bandwidth
  • Fiber does not conduct electricity so it cannot be damaged during electrical / lightning storms
  • Tapping cannot occur because there are no optical leakages
  • It is the most cost effective material for transporting signals

    Applications of digital, cable, TV and commercial signals distribution include satellite earth stations and teleports, broadcast facilities, sports stadiums, high rise buildings and hotels, school campuses, shopping malls, airport and railway stations, gated communities and more.