FURNACE The Furnace™ IP video system provides a complete infrastructure for delivering secure video to every desktop and display within an organization. With the Furnace you can record any source, apply metadata, and deliver live or recorded content, or video on demand. The Furnace allows administrators granular control over the media within a facility and a harmonized experience for all users.

Thanks to the magic of the InStream™ player technology which works across all platforms and requires no installation or client system upgrades, the Furnace requires minimal IT support. Systems arrive pre-configured for the specific network conditions of an organization. Users simply click a web link to view media.

Combined with Makito™ and/or Barracuda™ encoders, the Furnace provides encrypted video from the source to every player and display. Adding Conditional Access gives organizations the comfort of controlling exactly who can see what media.

Furnace now integrates with Moodle™, a widely adopted university learning management systems (LMS), enabling students and course instructors to access live and on-demand video content securely, from a Furnace server, as a supplement to their coursework. Metadata tags allow content to be classified by subject, course or any other search term. The “zero install” cross-platform InStream™ player allows for effortless linear content distribution.