MAKO The Mako™ is a high performance encoder/decoder (codec) designed for interactive communications, achieving an end-to-end latency as low as 70 milliseconds for up to 1080p H.264. The Mako is ideal for telepresence-style connections between facilities as required within boardrooms, between house of worship locations, or between broadcast locations for remote interview contribution.

Ideal for multi-stream communications, the Mako is supported within the Hai1000 series chassis providing up to 10 channels of bi-directional video within a single, telecom-grade appliance. Churches use this capability to transmit center and IMAG feeds simultaneously. Telepresence integrators can assign all displays and cameras within a single system. Within medical applications, a multi-blade Mako system effectively handles stereoscopic endoscope video along with room cameras and other sources.

The Mako is best suited for always-on performance and is typically configured to connect to its remote counterparts upon power-up with no user interaction. Control scripts are also available for popular room control systems.