STINGRAY The Stingray™ is an integral component of the Furnace end-to-end video system delivering secure video streams to displays. The Stingray can be controlled by users via an IR remote control or centrally using the Furnace's powerful VF Command & Control module. The Stingray can output up to 1920x1080 resolution and directly supports HDMI, component, and composite output.

The Stingray is empowered with InStream and receives the InStream player on every boot-up sequence. With the Stingray there is never any software update process – power it on and it obtains the latest player technology.

The Stingray user interface that is very similar to the InStream player, assuring that all users within an organization have a consistent experience. As with InStream, Stingray provides a full user interface for selecting live or playback channels (with real-time EPG updates) and for viewing VoD assets with frame accurate forward/reverse and access to HotMarks metadata.

The Stingray supports the Furnace end-to-end encryption and also allows access privileges to be centrally established. Also, as the InStream client on the Stingray maintains constant communication with the Furnace server, administrators have complete control to set scheduled channel changes, message to one or many Stingrays, and report on all related media activities.