VIPER Haivision’s Viper is a compact, integrated appliance for capturing, streaming, reviewing, distributing, and publishing rich, multi-stream high definition content. Today, presentations, situational training, and instruction rely on live, personal expression by a presenter combined with dynamic media – animated presentations, real time video, information from software programs such as spreadsheets, computer aided design tools, simulators. In order to effectively transmit the in-room experience live via IP video streaming or to review the experience at a later time on-demand, both the live camera and the associated information display must be available to out-of-room viewers. The Viper supports capturing and streaming high-resolution sources simultaneously, such as an HD camera and a computer. Either source can be high definition video or high-resolution computer encoded in real-time to H.264. During live viewing or replay of the “event”, the streams remain associated and synchronized. Both media streams are always available at full resolution, and with Haivision’s patented InStream player, the viewer can select the most appropriate display layout.

The Viper can be used as a stand-alone recording/streaming appliance or integrated with a Furnace IP video distribution system to give users direct recording/streaming control leveraging a distributed recording architecture.

Viper MAX combines the power of Haivision’s acclaimed H.264 encoding with an integrated Furnace operating environment. Through a simple, user-friendly touch screen operators can set up their multi-channel session, initiate simultaneous streaming and recording, and automatically make content available for on-demand viewing.