• Phoenix Audio Setup Utility
    The Phoenix Audio Setup Utility is designed to help you control the audio levels coming in and going out of your Phoenix products. This utility will identify the Phoenix device you are using and indicate whether it's connected (or not connected). It will mute the microphone in the playback mode for all old versions of the Duet and Solo units (this feature is not required in newer versions of the Duet and in the Quattro) and will also set the audio levels to a comfortable default value. Once you modify the levels the unit will save and restore your preferred levels anytime you connect a unit or open the audio utility. Finally, the utility will allow you to control the level of signal going to and coming back from your telephone (in the Quattro and newer versions of the Duet Executive) and will allow you to control the level and balance of the bridge (the connection between your telephone counterpart and VoIP counterpart in the Quattro/Duet Executive).

  • Phoenix Audio Recording Utility
    This Recording Utility can be used to create high quality audio recordings of telephone and video conferences. It can also be used to record in-room discussions, and is very useful for strategy sessions, focus groups, or depositions where picking up even the most minute voice inflections can be very important. It is also a perfect tool for legal and accounting practices wishing to record their conferences with clients. The utility incorporates Phoenix Audio's acclaimed adaptive noise reduction algorithm, and unique automatic balancing algorithms which adjust the audio levels of both sides of the conference to provide excellent clarity of each participant on the call.

  • Phoenix Audio Testing Wizard
    The Phoenix Testing Wizard will help you setup and test your Phoenix device. It will adjust and test your unit's loudspeaker, microphone, and echo canceller. The software also allows you to send the recorded testing session to the Phoenix Technical Support team so that they can analyze and determine the functionality and performance of your unit if you encounter any issues.

  • Phoenix Audio Dialer Utility
    The Phoenix Audio Dialing software allows you to control a PSTN line (analog telephone line), including taking a call, hanging up, dialing, redialing and flash. It eliminates the need to have a telephone connected to the unit by allowing the dialing operation to be done via your computer. This function is only available for the Quattro2 MT302, Quattro3 MT302, and the Octopus.

  • Phoenix Audio Octopus Setup Wizard
    The Phoenix Audio Octopus Setup Utility is used to set your input (microphone, sound reinforcement, and auxiliary), speaker, and outgoing audio levels. The Setup Utility is where you determine the configuration of each unit as Stand Alone, Master, or Slave. See the user manual for more information on these settings.


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