REVOLABS xTag USB Wireless Microphone System Mic and Base Included


PRICE: $194.95


REVOLABS xTag USB Wireless Microphone System Mic and Base Included

REVOLABS xTag USB Wireless Microphone System Mic and Base Included

PRICE: $194.95



Revolabs xTag USB Wireless Microphone Part# 02-DSKSYS-D

Maynard, MA — June 2007…"Revolabs, Inc., dedicated to enhancing communication through innovative wireless solutions, is pleased to introduce the company's new xTag Microphone System. Featuring Plug and Play connectivity to personal computers for ease of installation and encrypted audio for secure conversations, the Revolabs xTag Microphone System facilitates unparalleled freedom of movement by way of its clip-on, wearable design—bringing an unmatched level of wireless audio performance to the individual workspace. Featuring full duplex audio, eight hours of talk time, and a range of 20 meters (66 feet), the new xTag microphone makes an outstanding choice for use in numerous applications, including VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), podcasting, voice recognition, web conferencing and many more desktop applications.

The xTag Microphone System consists of a base station, two-way audio (full duplex) xTag microphone, an earbud, a lanyard, plus a USB cable for interconnection to one's computer. In addition to storing and charging the microphone, the xTag's base station also serves as the wireless relay into one's personal computer, at which point, the microphone can seamlessly be interfaced with Internet-based communication tools such as Skype and Google Talk, among others. Featuring 128-bit encrypted audio, the xTag Microphone System is also an ideal solution for keeping one's conversations secure.

With the xTag microphone's clip-on/wearable design and an operating range of 20 meters from the base station, the system eliminates the restriction of being “tethered" via a microphone cable and is infinitely more comfortable than wearing a headset. Providing true freedom of movement, Revolabs' new xTag Microphone System is compatible with both the Windows and Apple Macintosh operating systems, and is perfect for presenters, use in panel discussions, web conferencing, webcasting, and similar applications. With eight hours of talk time, frequent re-charging needn't be a concern.

Featuring easy USB-based connection to personal computers, the xTag Microphone System is also a versatile recording tool. With the exploding popularity of podcasting and webcasting, users are able to easily record their messages for posting online. Similarly, the xTag Microphone makes a terrific choice in classroom environments for everything from recording lectures and presentations to providing pronunciation examples for language classes. Education, medical and legal industries will all benefit greatly from the superior performance brought by xTag during recording, transcribing or translating speech.

By connecting the included earbud to the xTag Microphone, users gain a convenient means of listening to, or monitoring, conversations while retaining complete freedom of movement. For VoIP applications, listening to the party on the other end of the conversation is effortless and private by using the earbud. The end user has the freedom to use computer speakers or the private earbud for incoming audio.

Martin Bodley, President and CEO of Revolabs, commented on the company's new offering, “The xTag Microphone System provides breakthrough performance and freedom to users of VoIP applications, educators, doctors, lawyers, plus the legions of computer enthusiasts actively engaged in podcasting and other digital collaborative mediums. With stellar audio performance, encryption to ensure privacy (HIPAA) and the ability to operate without the restrictions imposed by wired microphones or awkward headsets, our new xTag Microphone System elevates wireless communication to an entirely new level. With Plug and Play installation to one's personal computer, the new xTag Microphone System makes wireless audio easier than ever."

The Revolabs xTag wireless microphone system brings unmatched audio performance to the individual workspace. The desktop system connects to any computer (PC including Vista or Mac OS) via a USB without the need for software install. The xTag is an ideal solution for demanding personal audio applications such as iListen, Webconferencing, Podcasting, Voicelift, Skype and Google Talk, Speech Dictation, among many others.

This is an amazing little device. It is a noice-canceling microphone about the size of a lipstick. The base station plugs directly into a USB port and does not require special drivers. The base station is about the size of two iPods stacked on top of one another, so it is quite easy to carry around. While a bit more bulky, its footprint is actually less than that of a conventional headset. The microphone itself clips to your collar or lapel.

xTag Key Features
  • Ease of Use - The xTag USB Desktop is a plug-and-play personal microphone that is instantly recognized by all operating systems and immediately usable out of its box.
  • High Comfort - The small form factor and wireless capability combined with the lack of a headset, makes the xTag USB Desktop an attractive and comfortable alternative.
  • Rechargeable Battery - The xTag USB Desktop has a rechargeable battery that provide eight hours of talk time after each charge. The unit will be charged any time the USB cable is connected.
  • High Quality - Recording/Voice Lift Capability: The xTag USB Desktop provides extremely high quality input for VOIP, Internet Telephony, Webconferencing and Recording via its state-of-the-art noise-canceling technology.

  • Nothing beats the look and comfort of an xTag because it's a lapel microphone.
  • No headset means you look more professional when when dictating, especially in front of clients / customers / patients.
  • Excellent accuracy, particularly when compared to our top off the line headset microphones.
  • 8 hour talk time.
  • Charges from any USB port.
  • Great noise cancellation for a lapel microphone. This microphone will not pick up keyboard clicks, chair squeaks, laser printer from 3 feet away or someone talking on a telephone from 8 feet away.
  • 128 bit encryption
  • Includes remote dual function Mute and On/Off switch.

    Base Station / Charging Tray
    The base station/ charging tray is the communications hub of the xTag Desktop. This remarkably compact unit controls all communication flow of the xTag Desktop system. Use the USB connector to connect directly to your Mac or PC and get all the mobility you want.

    Dimensions, (L,W,H) and Weight
  • Charging Base: 3.9" (10cm) W x 2.4" (6cm) D x 1.0" (2.56 cm) H .5lbs (.2 kg)

    The revolutionary xTag microphone will forever change your approach to conferencing. By taking the wire off the microphone Revolabs has created unmatched conference audio performance for your critical personal applications without compromising your own collaboration dynamics.

  • Wireless Microphone Dimensions: .9" (2.4cm) W x .8" (1.95cm) D x 2.6" (6.68cm) H .05 lbs (.02 kg)

  • Earpiece — 2.5mm mono audio connector, 26" (66cm) cable with in-line volume control, adjustable earpiece containing a 20mm high quality 32 ohm speaker, easy to clean.
  • Lanyard — 24" (61cm) of 3/16th (5mm) black rayon fiber with quick disconnect snaps.

    What's in the box:
  • Base / Charging Tray
  • Microphone
  • Lanyard
  • Earpiece
  • USB Cable \\

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