SONY FCBEX2200 Block Camera w/ 18x Zoom, Wide D, 960H CCD Sensor



SONY FCBEX2200 Block Camera w/ 18x Zoom, Wide D, 960H CCD Sensor

SONY FCBEX2200 Block Camera w/ 18x Zoom, Wide D, 960H CCD Sensor




  • 18x zoom lens
  • Horizontal resolution of 670 TV lines
  • Equipped with Super HAD CCD II image sensors, the FCB-EX2200 at 0.4 lx.* allows high-quality images to be captured even in dark environments
  • Progressive Scan Mode
  • Digital Interface
  • (VE) Visibility Enhancer
  • Wide-D (wide dynamic range)
  • Image Stabilization and StableZoom™
  • Auto ICR
  • Spherical Privacy Zone Masking

    The Sony FCB-EX2200 block camera offers excellent picture quality with a horizontal resolution of 670 TV lines, thanks to the use of Super HAD CCD II™ image sensors and a newly developed image processor. The Sony FCB-EX2200 block camera also incorporates a high-performance 18x zoom lens. Additional features of the Sony FCB-EX2200 include Wide-D (wide dynamic range), Auto ICR, and Spherical Privacy Zone Masking in a PAL Format

    Super HAD CCD II Image Sensor
    Thanks to high-performance Super HAD CCD II image sensors, the FCB‑EX2200 at 0.4 lx.* This sensor allows high-quality images to be captured even in dark environments. Furthermore, it delivers an excellent horizontal resolution of 670 TV lines, enabling detail to be captured in scenes.
    * IRE 50%, AGC ON.

    Progressive Scan Broadens Capabilities
    In Progressive Scan mode, the video signal is processed by progressive scan to achieve clear images without any flicker effect. Since network cameras typically have backend systems based on progressive scan, the original picture quality can be maintained without requiring conversion from interlace scan to progressive scan.

    Powerful 18x Optical Zoom Lens
    The Sony FCB-EX2200 camera is equipped with a high-resolution 18x optical zoom lens. Together with digital zoom, these cameras achieve a 216x zoom ratio, allowing high-quality picture capture over long distances.

    Wide Dynamic Range with New Technology
    The Wide Dynamic Range (Wide-D) feature allows for the capture of clear images in extreme lighting conditions.
  • Auto Mode - When shooting in high- or low-contrast lighting situations, the camera monitors the luminance differences within an image and automatically switches the Wide-D feature on and off, depending on the visibility of the subjects and background.
  • Interlace Wide-D and Progressive Wide-D Modes - There are two modes to choose from. Interlace Wide-D mode is ideally suited to high-contrast lighting environments. Progressive Wide-D mode is suited to low-contrast environments.

    Visibility Enhancer (VE)
    The powerful Visibility Enhancer corrects tone curve dynamically and adaptively on a pixel-by-pixel basis while continuously enabling greater visibility in contrasting environments.

    The De-fog function helps to improve visibility in low-contrast environments such as foggy or smoky scenes. This feature enhances and optimizes contrast in this type of situation.

    High-quality Digital Output
    The Sony FCB-EX2200 block camera is equipped with a digital interface (Y/Cb/Cr 4:2:2) which is comparable to ITU-R BT656. Using this digital interface, the quality of the camera's video signal does not deteriorate. In addition, there is no need for an external analog/digital converter between the camera and any other equipment.

    Various Operation Modes
    The Sony FCB-EX2200 camera has four operation modes so you can choose the best one depending on your priorities for the application: for example, sensitivity, resolution, or other factors.

    Enhanced Noise Reduction
    By combining 2D and 3D noise reduction, the Sony FCB-EX2200 camera offers a wide selection of noise-reduction settings, from Level 1 to Level 5, to allow you to choose the ideal level for different shooting conditions.

    Image Stabilization
    The image stabilization function minimizes the appearance of shaky images caused by low-frequency vibration. This function is useful for outdoor surveillance and traffic monitoring applications.

    StableZoom is a function for performing correction using the image‑stabilization function in accordance with the zoom ratio, and smoothly zooming up using a combination of the optical zoom and digital zoom. In StableZoom mode, this function starts naturally without bringing an abrupt change to the horizontal angle of view.

    Advanced White Balance
    For the White Balance function, there are two different modes: Outdoor Auto mode and Sodium Vapor Lamp mode. These modes are designed to adapt to changing natural light outdoors and to changing sodium vapor lamp lighting, respectively.

    Extended Operating Temperature
    The Sony FCB-EX2200 block camera can operate in a range of temperature from -5°C to 60°C.

    Temperature Readout
    The Sony FCB-EX2200 camera unit's internal temperature can be read out via VISCA. This data can be used as reference data to activate peripherals such as a fan or heater inside the camera equipment.

    Slow AE Response
    The Sony FCB-EX2200 block camera allows the user to set the auto response speed (up to two minutes) to enable the cameras to adapt to changes in lighting conditions. For example, when shooting in an underground parking lot, valuable images could otherwise be missed when car headlights cause an abrupt change in lighting conditions.