SONY EVI-D70 Pan/Tilt/Zoom Color NTSC Video Camera



SONY EVI-D70 Pan/Tilt/Zoom Color NTSC Video Camera

SONY EVI-D70 Pan/Tilt/Zoom Color NTSC Video Camera




Check out the Sony EVI-D80 (the new replacement model to the EVI-D70). Now in stock!

Sony's EVI-D70 combines a high quality 1/4 type EXview HAD™ CCD color camera with the flexibility of a remote pan/tilt/zoom operation, all in a compact easy-to-use package. With its wide pan/tilt range and 18x optical zoom lens, the EVI-D70 is ideal for applications including video conferencing, places of worship, courtrooms and city council meetings. A user can zoom in on a distant or small object with exceptional clarity. A large room can be viewed with the cameras 340 degree pan capability. If necessary, an optional wide angle or telephoto lens can be mounted to the camera. The D70 can be mounted right-side up or upside-down providing greater flexibility in system design.

The EVI-D70 is not a webcam out-of-the box. However coupled with a video capture device and one of the many web conferencing service providers available online (e.g. Webex, Gotomeeting, Adobe Connect), the D70 is ideal for use in small to large size conference rooms. In comparison to typical webcams, these robotic cameras offer pan-tilt-zoom functionality which allows for complete room coverage. See all of our Web Conferencing Packages. The Sony EVI-D70 is also one of our most popular cameras for worship facilities. Pair this camera with the RCC4000 and Wirecast live streaming production software and one person can edit, stream and record sermons. See our EVI-D70 Video System for Churches.

EVI-D70 Features:
  • 1/4 type 380k pixel EXview HAD CCD
  • Wide Range Pan/Tilt: 340 degrees Pan / 120 degrees Tilt
  • High Zoom Ratio AF Lens: 18x Optical + 12x Digital
  • Excellent Low Light Sensitivity: Minimum illumination less than 1 Lux
  • Desktop or Ceiling Mount Installation
  • E:Flip Function (electronic flip): Electronically flips an image upside down so it displays correctly when ceiling mounted
  • 37mm Mount for Optional Conversion Lens
  • Fully Remote Controllable via RS-232C (VISCA) or RS-422
  • Auto ICR Function
  • Auto Focus
  • Video Output: VBS (pin jack) and Y/C (4 pin MiniDIN)
  • Alarm Function
  • AE Spot Setting
  • Custom Preset Function

    Sony EVI-D70 Specifications:
  • Signal System - NTSC
  • Image Sensor - 1/4" IT CCD with EXview HAD technology
  • Effective Pixels - 768 (H) x 494 (V)
  • Horizontal Resolution - 470 TV lines (wide end)
  • Synchronization - INT
  • Angle of View (H) - 2.7° (tele end) - 48° (wide end)
  • Min. object distance - 10mm (wide end), 800mm (tele end)
  • Pan/Tilt - Pan: +/- 170° (max. speed: 100°/s) Tilt: -30° to + 90° (max. speed: 90°/s)
  • Lens - Focal Length - f=4.1 mm (wide) - 73.8 mm (tele), F1.4 - F3.0 Zoom - 18xD. Zoom - 12x
  • EVI-D70 / EVI-D70W Minimum Illumination - 1 lux, F1.4
  • Image Range - 100 - 100,000 lux
  • S/N Ratio - More than 50dB
  • Shutter Speed - 1/1 - 1/10,000 sec
  • Gain - Auto/Manual (-3 ~ 28dB, 2 dB step)
  • White Balance - Auto/ATW/Indoor/Outdoor/One push WB/Manual WB
  • Position Preset - 6 Positions
  • Analog Output - VBS (pin jack), Y/C (4 pin MiniDIN)
  • Camera Control - RS-232C / RS-422 VISCA (protocol)
  • Power Requirement - DC 10.8 to 13.2 V
  • Power Consumption - 12W
  • EVI-D70 Dimensions (WxHxD) - 132 x 144 x 144 mm (5-1/4 x 5-3/4 x 5-3/4 inches)
  • Mass - 950 g (2 lb. 2 oz.)

  • AC adaptor
  • IR remote commander unit
  • Ceiling bracket
  • Operating instructions



    EVI-D100 EVI-D70 EVI-D80 EVI-D90
    Price $795.00 $785.00 $795.00 $915.00
    Horizontal Resolution 470 TV Lines 470 TV lines 550 TV lines 550 TV lines
    Video Outputs VBS, Y/C VBS (pin jack) and Y/C (4 pin MiniDIN) VBS, Y/C VBS, Y/C
    Optical Zoom 10x 18x 18x 28x
    Digital Zoom 40x 12x 12x 12x
    Minimum Illumination 3.5 lx 1 lx 0.4 lx 0.65 lx
    Angle of View (H) 6.6° (tele end) to 65° (wide end) 2.7° (tele end) to 48° (wide end) 2.8 degrees (tele) to 48.0 degrees (wide) 2.1 degrees (tele) to 55.8 degrees (wide)
    Pan Angle -100° to +100° -170° to +170° -170° to +170° -170° to +170°
    Tilt Angle -25° to +25° -30° to +90° -20° to +90° -20° to +90°
    Effective Pixels 768 (H) x 494 (V) 768 (H) x 494 (V)
    Wide-D No No No Yes
    Invertible (can mount upside down) No Yes Yes Yes



    What are the main differences between the EVI-D70 and EVI-D100?
    1. The EVI-D70 provides better optical zoom. The EVI-D70 has 18x optical zoom while the EVI-D100 has only 10x optical zoom. The EVI-D100 does have a better DIGITAL zoom but this feature is not very practical/useful as digital zoom is basically just a blow up of the pixel and so you lose 1/2 the resolution when you digitally magnify the pixel 2x. So most users do not even use digital zoom on these cameras.
    2. The EVI-D70 has reverse mounting capability. The EVID70 has a built in digital image flip switch that allows you to invert the image upside down. This means you can mount the camera either upside up (like on a desktop) or upside down (like on a ceiling) and be able to flip the image as needed so it appears normal either way.
    3. The EVI-D70 has a better low light functionality. It has a color filter that automatically is removed in low light applications resulting in a clearer (less grainy picture). The EVI-D100 does not have this feature.
    4. The EVI-D100 has a wider angle of view.

    Is the EVI-D70 a webcam? How does it connect to my computer?
    The EVI-D70 in its stand alone form is not a webcam. It is a pan/tilt/zoom video camera with both RCA and S-Video video outputs. However it can be turned into a high end webcam by pairing it with a video capture card or with an usb video capture device. Please see the Viewcast Osprey capture cards and Startech SVID2USB23 USB capture device below in the Sony EVI-D70 related items listed towards the bottom of this page. You will also need an S-Video cable to connect the EVI-D70 to the capture device to complete the setup.

    Can the SONY EVID70 be connected to a Mac computer?
    Yes, the EVI-D70 can be connected to a FireWire-equipped Mac via a video capture device with a FireWire output such as the GRASS VALLEY ADVC55 or via USB with the STARTECH.COM SVID2USB23. You would connect the EVI-D70 camera to the video capture device via an s-video cable and then the video capture device would connect to your computer via a FireWire or USB cable.

    Can you control the EVI-D70 with a laptop?
    Yes, you can control the EVI-D70 camera with a laptop but you need a couple things to accomplish this. First you need the Sony control software which can be downloaded for free from Sony's website: The second thing you will need is a either a DB9 serial connection on your laptop or a USB to DB9 adapter. We don't sell or know of a specific recommended one but we have spoken with customers who have successfully used a couple different ones. So we know it is possible to successfully convert the DB9 connection to USB to connect to laptops. The last thing you will need is an EVI CONTROL CABLE which connects the camera's control input to your computer via the DB9 connection.

    If you still have a question regarding the SONY EVI-D70, click here to submit your question to Go Electronic customer service and we will get back to you with a response.