GroupSTATION and HuddleSTATION allow users to walk into any meeting room and use the application of their choice to collaborate in the way that best meets their needs.

Users can use their favorite collaboration tools simply by connecting personal devices to the GroupSTATION or HuddleSTATION control dock via a USB or HDMI connection. GroupSTATION accomodates larger spaces for 10-20 people, featuring a camera sporting 19X optical power zoom. HuddleSTATION sees the whole picture in tighter spaces for 3-4 people. A very wide-angle lens offers greater than 82 horizontal viewing.
VADDIO 999-8902-000

VADDIO 999-8902-000 PC to Dock Interface Cable

VADDIO 999-8902-000

PRICE: $208.80