WIRELESS HEADPHONES Feel the freedom of wireless headphones. Roam around the house, yard or workplace without having to worry about being connected to a wire. Go Electronic has a great selection of wireless headphones in both RF and infrared technology. These modern wireless headphones are lightweight and have superior transmission range to older models. All transmitters can connect to the standard headphone output of your stereo system or TV (if furnished). Check out our great prices on wireless headphones, including popular Sennheiser wireless headphones (models RS-30, RS-45, RS-65, RS-85) and Sony wireless headphones (models MDR-RF945RK, MDR-RF975RK, MDR-IF240RK, MDR-IF330RK, MDR-IF540RK, MDR-IF5000, MDR-IF630RK, MDR-DS5100, MDR-DS8000).