USB 3.0 12x Zoom High Definition PTZ Camera
Our new GOHD20U high definition USB 3.0 pan-tilt-zoom camera offers easy plug-and-play USB connectivity to your computer.
  • The camera is compatible with web conferencing software including Skype, Webex and GoToMeeting.
  • The 72.5° wide angle lens makes the camera ideal for conferencing applications.
  • The GOHD20U is also an economical option for high definition live streaming of events such as high school or college sporting events.
  • The GOHD20U provides 1080p/60 HD video resolution and excellent low-light performance.
  • Pan, tilt and zoom movement can be controlled with the included IR remote or the optional RCC4000 joystick controller.
    PRICE: $699.00

  • GOHD400
    20x Zoom High Definition PTZ Camera
    Our GOHD400 high definition pan-tilt-zoom camera offers some of the best features of existing HD PTZ cameras on the market:
  • Full 1080p/60 resolution and excellent low-light performance.
    Additionally, the GOHD400 incorporates many features not found on several other of the best hd ptz cameras:
  • Optional image flip when mounting the camera upside down
  • Support for multiple control protocols (VISCA, Pelco-D, and Pelco-P)
  • Three video outputs (HD-SDI, DVI-I and HDMI with included DVI to HDMI adapter)
  • Support for broadcast video formats (1080p/59.94, 1080p/29.97, 1080i/59.94, 720p/59.94, 720p/29.97)
  • The camera has a great picture out of the box, but also offers an on-screen menu featuring a long list of adjustable video settings to appeal to those more technically inclined.
    PRICE: $1,595.00

  • RCC4000
    Joystick Controller for Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras
    The RCC4000 pan tilt zoom joystick controller replaces the original RCC1000.
  • Similar to the RCC1000, the new model works with any ptz camera using VISCA command protocol including the GOHD400 high definition camera as well as Sony and Hitachi PTZ cameras.
  • With a touch sensitive joystick and four selectable pan-tilt speed ranges, each user can customize their use of the ptz controller.
  • Control up to six cameras installed in a daisy-chain configuration with just one controller and set and recall preset positions for all cameras.
  • The RCC4000 adds shortcut keys for camera selection so you can jump from camera to camera with one button push. The RCC4000 also adds shortcut keys for four preset positions (per camera) making operation even easier than before.
    PRICE: $599.00

    "It has been a few months since my church purchased the 2 camera system. The learning curve was a little steep at first, but it didn't take long to get the hang of it. We are all thrilled with its performance. After just 2 weeks, the pastor asked "How much for another camera?" The pre-sale support was excellent. Being an audio guy with only a smattering of video experience, I had a lot of questions, all of which were answered. I give GoElectronic my highest recommendation." - Rick Armstrong June 5, 2018
    HDSTREAMSYSTEMStreaming Video System with Single High Definition PTZ Camera

    Our Single Camera High Definition Live Streaming Video System is our most affordable and most simple solution offering live streaming and recording capabilities. Magewell's HD streaming encoder makes streaming to YouTube, Twitch or Facebook Live (or a custom RTMP) super easy. Just connect the encoder to the internet via ethernet or wi-fi - NO COMPUTER NEEDED! And you can record to your mobile phone or to a connected USB flash at the same time you are live streaming.
    Zoom Room Conferencing KitZoom Room Conferencing Kit with High Definition USB PTZ Camera
    Outfit your Zoom conference room with our GOHD20U high definition USB camera for a collaborative, easy-to-use, and modern meeting space. Select an optional Zoom-certified Yamaha speakerphone that best meets your needs to complete the system.

    CHURCHEVIHD1SYSSingle Camera HD Video System for Church with Live Streaming & Recording
    Our single camera HD video system for house of worship is an affordable solution offering live streaming and recording capabilities.
  • The GOHD400 camera offers 20X optical zoom and excellent low light sensitivity
  • Wirecast software, packed with features makes it easy to stream and record amazing, professional looking broadcasts.
  • Ability to expand system and add more cameras in the future.

  • GOVT-LS-USBLive Streaming Video System for City Council - Single USB Camera
    In an effort to improve citizen outreach and communication, it's important to reach constituents where they spend the most time in this digital era: online. Anchored by the high definition Go Electronic GOHD20U pan-tilt-zoom USB camera and Wirecast streaming production software, this system is ideal for cities that want an easy solution for streaming and recording broadcasts to live or on-demand audiences. Take advantage of the GOHD20U camera's pan-tilt-zoom functionality and USB interface. Wirecast's powerful production capabilities make it easy to dynamically mix your live camera feed with pre-recorded video, audio, graphics, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint slides and more.

    SPORTSBRDCSTPK-USBWCSports Broadcast System with GOHD20U 12x USB PTZ Camera and Wirecast
    Whether you are a high school athletic department, college sports team or local competitive sports club, this single-camera live streaming system allows you to create top-notch live sports broadcasts at a fraction of the cost of traditional broadcast hardware.
  • GOHD20U offers high definition video with an up to 60fps output frame rate as well as remote pan-tilt-zoom functionality.
  • With Wirecast streaming software, you can enhance camera shots with graphics, computer graphics and text, video effects, high-quality audio and other broadcast quality production elements.
  • Use integrated scoreboards and instant replay for high quality live streams.

  • EDUSDWEBCASTClassroom Video System for Webcasting
    Create live webcasts of lectures or special events which combine video from a pan-tilt-zoom camera, movies, documents on a local or remote PC, audio tracks, images and titles to make striking broadcasts for the Web. Anchored by the GOHD400 high definition pan-tilt-zoom camera and Wirecast streaming production software, this package is ideal for anyone who wants to stream or record professional broadcasts to live or on-demand audiences.

    CHURCHHDSYS4CAM-WCGFour-Camera HD Video System for Church with Wirecast Gear Workstation
    Our four-camera high definition video system for a church with the Wirecast Gear work station offers the ability to record, live stream and distribute in-house church services and facility functions. Wirecast Gear is a fully configured live streaming production system designed to run Wirecast Pro software for live event production and streaming.
  • No need to build your own computer work station.
  • Four GOHD400 PTZ cameras are mounted in the sanctuary to capture services in high definition and are controlled remotely (in the AV room) via the RCC4000 pan-tilt-zoom joystick controller.
  • Beyond live video switching and production features, Wirecast software enables you to RECORD and/or LIVE STREAM and/or OUTPUT the broadcast for in-house distribution.


    SONY BRC-H800SONY BRC-H800/1
    Full HD PTZ Camera with1-inch Exmor R CMOS Sensor & PoE+
    From broadcast studios to live sports events, arenas, houses of worship and lecture halls, Sony's new desktop or ceiling mountable BRC-H800 camera can match your various application needs. The 1-inch Exmor R CMOS image sensor, unique digital image processor and reliable 12x Zeiss lens enable you to shoot precise detailed, high quality and high sensitivity HD video with low noise levels. The BRC-H800 supports a PoE+ (Power-over-Ethernet) capability that carries IP control and power over a single connection cable, allowing for cost-saving and easy installation. The BRC-H800 presently supports up to 16 position presets making it easy for the operator to transition smoothly and seamlessly between shots.
    PRICE: $6,500.00

    The SRG-300H is a new desktop and ceiling mount 1080p/60 HD PTZ camera with a 30x optical zoom. It incorporates Sony’s high sensitivity 1/2.8-type Exmor™ CMOS sensor with the latest imaging technology and field-proven operability. The SRG-300H is equipped with several new features including View-DR processing to master the harshest lighting conditions as well as the industry recognized VISCA™ protocol and built-in IP control. In addition, the SRG-300H is available in a black or white housing. The SRG-300H is ideal for house of worship, videoconferencing, distance learning, entertainment/seminar venues and remote monitoring of small to medium sized rooms.
    PRICE: $1,999.00

    NOW AVAILABLE - Sony's new high-sensitivity, high-quality FCB-EV7520A camera, is the replacement camera for camera models FCB-EV7520 and FCB-7320. The FCB-EV7520A model incorporates Sony's 1/2.8 type Exmor RTM CMOS image sensor with Full HD video (1920 x 1080) at 60 fps for extraordinary sensitivity.
    PRICE: $685.00



    With Telestream's Wirecast all-in-one live streaming production software, you can stream multiple live cameras while dynamically mixing in other media such as movies, images, and sounds, and adding production features such as transitions, instant replay, playlists, built-in titles, chroma key, virtual sets, and live scoreboards. Wirecast is ideal for broadcasting professional-looking live internet shows, news, online gaming, sporting events, concerts, church services, corporate meetings, lectures and much more.


    Roland provides application-specific audio and video equipment to a variety of markets including House of Worship, Broadcast, Corporate, Education, Legal, Live Production, Sports, and Theater.
    The new V-1HD and V-1SDI video switchers make it easy to connect and switch HDMI and 3G-SDI video sources, recpectively. These portable and compact models deliver professional switching results with an easy to use hardware interface complete with T-Fader and easy-to-see backlit buttons.


    Magewell capture cards and devices are used widely in industries of streaming media, medical imaging, industrial video, machine vision, security, multi-screen display, HD monitoring and more.