Zoom System for the Classroom with High Definition USB PTZ Camera



Many schools are now using Zoom.US to reach students remotely. Zoom offers both virtual classroom capabilities as well as the option to record classes and lessons to allow students to learn at their own pace. It can be an effective tool to for a "flipped classroom", where you make recorded lessons the homework and you bring the homework into the "virtual classroom". Bottom line, teachers are looking for a simple-to-use hardware solution with Zoom. Our GOHD20U high definition PTZ USB camera keeps things simple. With it's plug-and-play interface via a USB port, you just connect the GOHD20U camera to a laptop or desktop computer and Zoom will recognize the GOHD20U as your Zoom conferencing camera.

In addition to 1080p high definition video and 12x zoom, the Go Electronic GOHD20U camera offers pan-tilt-zoom functionality which allows for complete room coverage and also offers preset position capability. So you can pre-determine camera shots (e.g., close-up of a lab table, pan to a white board, etc) and then, with the push of a button, you can move the camera to that shot. The camera settings, including the pan/tilt/zoom function and preset positions, can all be easily controlled with the included IR controller.

We offer several microphone options to meet your specific needs. Choose from the xTag wearable microphone or one of several table-top microphones. The wearable xTag is great for live or pre-recorded lectures. With rechargeable batteries and no wires or battery pack needed, this allows flexibility for teachers to move about naturally. Speakerphones like the YVC-200 or YVC-330 are another great option for teachers who are hosting online classes. For personal use we recommend the YVC-200 speakerphone. For those who may be hosting a class with others at a shared working location, the YVC-330 is a great option for blocking out unwanted background noise. With similar functionality to the YVC-200, it adds an additional sound technology called SoundCap that eliminates background noise outside a one-meter range. This can be a great tool for ensuring an instructor’s voice is picked up and clear for participating students. As classroom size increases and a greater pick-up range is required, the scalable YVC1000 with daisy-chain capability is recommended.

  • One (1) GO ELECTRONIC GOHD20U high definition USB 3.0 pan-tilt-zoom camera
  • One (1) 5 FT USB cable (included with camera)
  • One (1) YAMAHA YVC-200 portable USB speakerphone (available in black or white)
  • **Please note: Zoom software is not included in this package. Visit https://zoom.us/pricing for more info on Zoom plans and pricing.


    ONE (1) USB 2.0 A/B cable to connect GOHD20U to computer:
  • 5 ft USB Cable (included with camera)

  • AUDIO COMPONENT (choose one):
  • One (1) REVOLABS XTAG Wearable Microphone
  • One (1) YAMAHA YVC-200 Portable USB Speakerphone. FOR UP TO 4 PEOPLE
  • One (1) YAMAHA YVC-330 USB & Bluetooth Portable Conference Phone. FOR UP TO 6 PEOPLE
  • One (1) YAMAHA YVC-1000 Unified Communications Microphone and Speaker System. FOR 8 OR MORE PEOPLE (WITH DAISY-CHAIN CAPABILITY)