EXTERITY AVSTR-G4190 AvediaStream g4190 Single ASI to IP Gateway



Use AvediaStream TVgateways for any building, campus, or metropolitan area in which live TV and radio are required, without the added expense of a separate cable network solely for TV.

  • Distribute live broadcast TV (DVB-T/T2, DVB-S/S2, DVB-C, ATSC, QAM) over your existing IP network
  • Stream Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) MPEG channels
  • Add display devices and users without degrading picture quality
  • De-scramble compliant encrypted channels using built-in CAM Module
  • Integrate with broadcast-quality equipment using ASI connectors

    AvediaStream TVgateway blades capture live TV and radio to make the channels available to end-users over your building, campus or metropolitan-area IP network. Typically, a digital receiver connected to a terrestrial TV aerial (DVB-T or ATSC), a satellite dish (DVB-S/S2), or cable TV connection (DVB-C) supplies the signal to the TVgateway, which captures an entire multiplex of SD and HD broadcasted channels. It then streams these, simultaneously, as individual MPEG channels on the network.

    As part of an Exterity Building IPTV solution, AvediaStream TVgateways deliver four primary benefits:
  • Easily add and distribute multiple channels to hundreds or thousands of users by managing TV as a network service; adding display devices does not degrade picture quality
  • More granular control over channel access than traditional coaxial systems: by user or group
  • Better return on network investment: highly-efficient use of network bandwidth via standard multicast technology
  • Reduce demand for internet bandwidth; channels are multicast from an internal source, rather than delivered as multiple high-bandwidth streams through the internet gateway

    The AvediaStream g4190 gateway streams live TV and Radio (news, sports, entertainment, educational) channels over your existing network. It distributes free to air TV content from one ASI source to an IP network.

  • Easy Setup
  • Hot swap module allows quick and non intrusive upgrade to existing installations
  • Streams both SD and HD Channels simultaneously
  • One ASI input per blade for free to air TV or radio channels
  • Advanced PID filtering for fine-grained control over audio, subtitles and other channel metadata
  • Embedded system for high reliability and low power consumption