STEM AUDIO CEILING Conference Room Beamforming Microphone


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Part of the Stem Audio ecosystem for conference rooms, the Stem Ceiling is an elegant, beamforming microphone array that easily mounts on the ceiling of your conference room. It offers clear and highly intelligible speech capture with state-of-the-art sound quality that enhance the conferencing experience for all participants. The device connects to your local network with PoE+ (Power over Ethernet) or to a computer in meeting rooms, collaboration areas, and huddle rooms.

Whether you want to keep your audio out of sight or show it off, the Stem Ceiling gives you the option to discreetly flush mount the device to a ceiling tile or tie it into the design of the room in chandelier mode.

The Stem Ceiling features a 100-microphone array with wide, medium, and narrow pickup beam options to configure the device for the size of your room. Voice-activity detection and automatic tracking of the person speaking ensure intelligible speech capture. Automatic gain control adjusts the volume of people close to and far from the microphones, while adaptive echo cancellation, de-reverberation, and background noise reduction ensure comfortable communication, free from distracting sounds.

The Stem Ceiling is compatible with all your favorite video conferencing platforms including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Meet, and others. It is also Alexa-enabled.

Since the Stem Ceiling does not have speakers, it is used for audio capturing only.


  • Mounts On Ceiling for Conferencing
  • 100 Mics-Wide/Medium/Narrow Beamforming
  • Use Networked/Standalone with Computer
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE+)
  • Hanging or Flush Mount with Ceiling Tile
  • Automatic Voice-Level Adjustment
  • Noise Cancellation, Echo Canceling


  • The Stem Ceiling comes with a 2x2' ceiling panel and a mounting kit for easy installation in your conference room.
  • Connect the unit to your local network that supports PoE+ (Power over Ethernet). This connection provides the device with power, data, and other IoT and SIP capabilities.
  • If your network doesn't support PoE+, you must use a separate PoE+ injector or PoE+ enabled switch (both available separately).
  • The unit powers up automatically, and when the blue lights turns solid, you’re ready to go. So, one simple cable is all you need!
  • The device can be remotely controlled via the Stem Control device (available separately).
  • Visible to all participants in the room, an LED light ring with blue and red colors clearly indicate the status of the unit.
  • Slow-pulsing red lights show that the device is muted and fast-pulsing red lights show that the device is being pinged.
  • Slow-pulsing blue lights show that the device is booting up.


Beamforming technology offers accurate voice capture and deep learning provides clearer communication.

  • The 100 beamforming microphones work together to provide full coverage with a narrow, medium, or wide  pickup pattern that can be adjustedfor the required coverage area.
  • The direction-finding algorithm determines the presence and direction of the person speaking and the beamforming algorithm points the microphone pickup in that direction, ensuring that everyone in the room can be heard clearly by the participants on the far end of the call.
  • The Stem Ceiling utilizes neural networks to improve echo-canceling, dereverb, and noise cancellation algorithms.
  • Adaptive echo canceler removes echo to achieve smoother reciprocal conversations.
  • Noise reduction eliminates noise and conveys only voice.
  • Dereverberation conveys clear voice by reducing reverberation caused by the acoustics of the room.


  • USB type A to USB type B cable (12 ft / 3.7 m)
  • CAT 6 ethernet cable (15 ft / 4.6 m)
  • 2 ft metal ceiling tile
  • Suspension kit


Standalone Setup with Network
  • Using an Ethernet cable, connect the device to your local network that supports PoE+. 

Standalone Setup with Computer

  • If you need video conferencing capabilities, use the included USB Type-B cable to connect the device to your macOS/Windows/Linux computer.
  • Note: You must also use a separate PoE+ injector or PoE+ enabled switch to provide power to the unit.

Networked Setup with Multiple Stem Ecosystem Devices in the Room

  • Follow the same instruction as with standalone setup with network.
  • When setting up multiple Stem devices in a room, you must use a Stem Audio Hub (available separately) as all communications between the devices and the far end are done through the Hub.