YAMAHA 02-HDDUAL-NM HD Dual Channel System w/o Mics


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No wires. No limitations. These wireless microphone systems are optimized for spaces from video carts and small conference rooms to boardrooms and auditoriums. Amplify your voice, record lectures, and facilitate clear video conferencing with models specialized to your space. Their portable plug-and-play design, simple setup, and superior HD sound quality make them excellent options for a wide range of applications. For easy USB connection, add the USB Audio Kit (SKU 01-USBAUD35-KIT).

  • Compact, wireless design eliminates clutter and tripping over cables
  • Complete control of audio output, line level, and microphone level
  • 128-bit encryption prevents eavesdropping on microphone signal
  • Impervious to GSM noise from other wireless electronic devices
  • Rechargeable design
  • Choose between a variety of HD™ wireless microphones
  • Bi-directional audio allows you to listen while using a headset