CABLES TO GO 31471 30m MTP® 50/125 Plenum-Rated Multimode Fiber Patch Cable - Orange



Make MTP your choice for high-density fiber networks; it's specifically designed for fast ethernet, fibre channel, ATM and gigabit ethernet applications. Save time and money with MTP's increased ease of installation - simply pull one cable rather than twelve. Each MTP fiber assembly consists of twelve 50/125µm single mode fibers under one OFNP plenum-rated jacket.

With our MTP, it's possible to run a single cable that automatically terminates twelve fibers in one easy plug-in. Plus, the small form factor of an MTP connector provides a higher port density. With its push-pull release mechanism, the MTP connector is easy to engage and disengage. Plus, its latch design prevents the plug from snagging when jumper cables are being routed. Straight-through pinning; immune to electrical interference.

Connector 1: MTP Unpinned (Female)
Connector 2: MTP Unpinned (Female)

Please Note: MTP is a registered trademark of US Conec Ltd. Attenuation testing performed in accordance with EIA/TIA-455-171A.