CABLES TO GO 40429 Dual Output Digital Audio Adapter



S/PDIF digital audio is today's standard for home theater surround sound. However there are two distinct formats (Coaxial and TOSLINK), and your audio/video components may feature dissimilar connection types. Our digital audio adapter ensures system compatibility by accepting coaxial or TOSLINK and delivering a dual output in both formats. From a TOSLINK input, the unit will convert to coaxial and also extend TOSLINK up to another 5 meters.

Likewise, from a coaxial input, the unit will provide both coaxial and TOSLINK outputs. This is the ideal solution for converting the digital audio output from your DVD player, cable box, or satellite receiver to the input your sound system requires. Or, this adapter may be used as a TOSLINK extender. Simple operation; power supply is included.

Input: One S/PDIF Female and One TOSLINK Female
Output: One S/PDIF Female and One TOSLINK Female

For your convenience, the AC/DC Adapter (#98027) is available for this item. To order a replacement part, please call us at 1-800-506-9607.