CABLES TO GO 41065 4-Output Component Video + Stereo Audio Distribution Amplifier



Distribute an HDTV/digital video signal from one a/v source to multiple TVs, monitors or receivers with this distribution amplifier. Daisychain amplifiers together for an unlimited number of TV connections without degradation to the picture quality! This amplifier supports cables runs up to 150 feet to provide maximum flexibility. Embedded unity gain technology ensures that the output signal is as clean as the input signal.

High quality and stable signal conditioning eliminates the poor picture and sound quality you get by simply using y-cables. Use this amplifier with video sources such as DVD players or satellite receivers and with audio sources such as CD players and tuners for multizone sound systems. Ideal for nightclubs, banks, airports, boardrooms, and schools. The uses are endless!

Input: One RCA Component Video Female, One RCA Stereo Audio Female
Output: Four RCA Component Video Female, Four RCA Stereo Audio Female