DATAVIDEO MCU-200 Rack-Mounted Multi-Camera Controller


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Control up to 4 Panasonic or Sony video cameras remotely using the MCU-100 (Hand-Held) or MCU-200 (Rack-Mounted) Multi-Camera Controller. The controller allows a distance of up to 1000 meters between the cameras and the MCU-100/200 using the included AD-1 Adapters. The interface between the controller & AD-1 is a RS-422 differential line. You can also use CAT-5e/6 cable up to 3280.84 feet (1000 meters).

Save tons of time adjusting cameras with the MCU-100/200 Camera Controller. Imagine this — You’re almost ready to shoot. It’s time to make sure each camera is configured properly. But wait, how will you check the cameras’ outputs on the multi-view and adjust them at the same time? If you’re by yourself, you can look at your multi-view monitor, then walk to the camera, make an adjustment, and walk back to the multi-view. You COULD do this many times until all the cameras match each other perfectly on the screen. After the fifth trip to your sixth camera, you’re finally done, but you’ve already spent at least an hour doing adjustments. But what if you have a crew? You could have one of your staff members walk to each camera while you stay at the multi-view, giving him or her directions by intercom. That would be a bit faster. BUT wouldn’t it be GREAT if you could do all the camera adjustments yourself without having to leave your multi-view monitor? Now you can, with the MCU-100/200 Camera Controller.

To connect the controller to a camera, first connect the included AD-1 adapter to the camera’s CAM/BS port. Then, connect an ethernet cable from the AD-1 to the MCU-100/200. In addition, settings information can be displayed by connecting monitors to each AD-1 adapter using a CVBS cable.

  • Four RJ-45 connections allow remote setup of up to four Panasonic or Sony cameras.
  • RJ-45 cabling allows unit to be placed up to 1000m (Panasonic) or 300m (Sony) away from the cameras.
  • Control of Record and Playback functions
  • Control of Camera User Memory functions
  • Control of OSD Menu Navigation
  • Control of Shutter speed and degree functions
  • Control of Iris adjustment
  • Control of AWB and ABB functions
  • Control of White Balance A, B, and Preset functions
  • Control of Camera Knee and Bar functions
  • Control of Camera Gain adjustment
  • RGB / R & B gain and Master Pedestal Controls

  • Panasonic AG-HPX255
  • Panasonic AG-HPX370
  • Panasonic AG-HPX500
  • Panasonic AG-HPX600

  • Sony EX3
  • Sony PMW F5
  • Sony PMW 300K1
  • Sony PMW 350K

    The MCU-100/200 is also able to use the assignable camera shortcut buttons (Typically User1 / User2 buttons on the camera).

    Additionally, the MCU-100/200 can store and recall its own memory settings (settings saved in the MCU-100/200 itself), with 3 memory banks available.

    Special Rotary Knob for Iris - On some other camera controllers, a single knob stores a position value. Let’s say the position is “1.” When switching from camera1 (which is on iris setting “1″) to camera2, the setting will automatically change to 1 because that’s where the iris knob’s setting is on the controller. The problem is that it’s impossible to control individual iris settings between cameras. However, on the MCU-100, the iris knob is not a position knob, but instead it’s a rotary knob that increases or decreases the current setting. So for example, with the MCU-100, you can have camera1 selected, which is at iris position 1, then switch to camera2. Camera2 will be at whatever setting it is at currently, and the knob will be used to increase or decrease the setting. Then, you can switch to the next camera and do the same. In this way, you can tune each camera to have their own individual iris settings.

    Remote Control 4 Cameras
    MCU-100/200 can control up to 4 cameras up to 1000 meters away using an ethernet cable.
    Save/Recall Memory
    MCU-100/200 can store 3 setup configurations. It can also recall memories saved within each connected camera (typically user1 / user2).
    Iris Control Knob
    MCU-100/200′s iris control knob allows independent iris control between cameras.

    What’s in the Box
    1x MCU-100/200 Controller
    4x AD-1 Adapters
    1x Power Adapter (DC 12V 0.3A)
    1x Quick Start Guide
    CAM/BS (From Panasonic Camera to AD-1 Adapter)
    RJ45 (From AD-1 Adapter to MCU-100/200)*
    CVBS (From AD-1 Adapter to Preview Screen)
    *Although MCU-100 uses an RJ45 connector, it uses the RS-422 protocol to control the camera. Therefore, wired or wireless Ethernet cannot be used on the MCU-100.
    3.75in. x 8.19in. x 2.13in. (MCU-100)
    1RU Rack Mounted (MCU-200)
    0.6 lbs (MCU-100)
    3.5 lb (MCU-200)