ISHOT EM18307 iShot VSM Video Stabilization Module OEM Board Set w/CVBS for SD Cameras, ILS-5000-SD



  • Stabilizes video, dramatically reducing unwanted horizontal, vertical, and rotational motion
  • Video Input connector MCX or 20-pin FFSD
  • Covers a wide range of shake frequencies to fit a variety of applications
  • Supports the Sony VISCA serial protocol
  • Enables video stabilization on/off control via serial command
  • Offers optional CVBS interface board for integration with all NTSC/PAL standard definition cameras
  • Integrations include Unmanned air and ground vehicles, Robotics, Machine vision, Border protection, Law enforcement (including dashboard cameras), Traffic monitoring, General surveillance, Visible and infrared cameras

    The ILS-5000-SD video image stabilization board with CVBS Interface board provides an MCX or 20-pin FFSD input connection allowing compatibility and integration with all NTSC/PAL standard definition cameras.

    Compact analog cameras are common everywhere from law enforcement, surveillance, and intelligent traffic systems to border protection, robotics, and unmanned vehicles. System designers are often challenged by camera shake and vibration caused by moving platforms, weather, and long-range zoom. The ILS-5000-SD is a real-time video stabilization module, designed for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) analog cameras, such as Sony FCB-EX and FCB-EX-E standard definition block cameras.

    The ILS-5000-SD provides powerful video stabilization to high-end military and surveillance applications.

    The ILS-5000-SD offers this advanced technology in an off-the-self configuration. At a price comparable to the typical OEM analog camera, the video stabilizer corrects for unwanted vertical, horizontal, and rotational motion across a wide range of shake frequencies.

    Designed for easy integration, the ILS-5000-SD supports Sony VISCA camera control protocol, including ILS-5000-SD specific extensions, providing a simple interface for both video and stabilization control. The product's optional CVBS interface board allows for seamless integration with all NTSC/PAL standard definition cameras.

    Thanks to the ILS-5000-SD, it's never been simpler to upgrade compact analog cameras, making the video easier to see, interpret, and act upon.