NIAGARA GoStream SURF Portable Encoder (96-01256)



The Niagara GoStream SURF operates from standard AC power, or you can GO cord-free with industry-standard Anton/Bauer® field battery packs. And with the optional Dual Mount, you can operate two units side-by-side in a standard rack or grab them and GO!

Also included on the Niagara GoStream SURF are versatile software applications — Niagara SCX® Pro and Osprey SimulStream® — both pre-configured and ready to use. These convenient tools empower you to set up, control and monitor multiple Niagara streaming systems throughout an enterprise or over the Internet, using a single, easy-to-use interface. Capture, encode, stream and archive video in a wide variety of popular encoding and streaming formats, including:
  • MPEG-4 streaming and capture to file
  • Adobe Flash Live streaming and capture to file
  • Windows Media® streaming and capture to file and Silverlight® compatible
  • RealVideo® streaming and capture to file
  • Uncompressed AVI capture to file

    Niagara SCX Pro, together with Osprey SimulStream, enables you to create multiple streams in different formats - LIVE!

    This gives you the flexibility to create exactly the right content for your various audiences. This means you can encode different streams for intranet users, high-speed Internet users, dial-up users, and viewers on mobile devices — all at the same time!

    With MPEG-4 and Adobe Flash Live streaming capabilities, you can deliver your rich media content to the latest Internet-enabled video devices, as well as a wide array of mobile devices.

    You can size and scale each individual stream, and customize each stream with bitmap overlays (e.g., logos), closed-captioning, etc. No other portable media encoder on the market today offers this level of flexibility and convenience.


    Niagara SCX Pro
    Niagara SCX Pro software enables monitoring and control of multiple, remote or distributed streaming encoders throughout an enterprise or across the Internet. Streaming formats supported include Adobe Flash Live, Windows Media, MPEG-4 and RealVideo.

    Niagara SCX Pro Web Interface Encoder Configuration Tool
    For custom configuration of the Niagara GoStream SURF system settings, ViewCast created the Niagara SCX Pro Web Interface tool, which is included with all Niagara GoStream appliances. This tool does not require you to install special software on any other PC. You only need a Web browser on any PC running any operating system, and you can control and configure your Niagara GoStream SURF streaming media encoder remotely.

    Osprey SimulStream
    Osprey SimulStream supports multiple concurrent streams in a variety of formats, at multiple bit rates from a single video source — all simultaneously!FEATURES:
  • Full portability and mobility can be achieved with wireless and battery options that create a system that can be used anywhere an IP network is available
  • Powered by Osprey technology
  • Advanced setup and profiles allow experienced users to customize and save the configurations
  • EASE Menus allow basic encode/setup from the front panel interface
  • USB ports allow easy installation of software upgrades, encoding of profiles, and transfer of archive files
  • Client management software and Web-based encoder configuration is included
  • 14 VDC input for battery connectivity (Anton/Bauer Digital Dionic battery recommended)

  • Video Input: Component (BNC), Composite (BNC connector and includes an RCA adapter), Y/C (S-Video) (BNC)
  • Audio Input: Unbalanced stereo (2 x RCA), Balanced stereo (2 x XLR)
  • 2 USB ports (one on the front panel and one on the rear panel)
  • 2 Ethernet network ports
  • Video encoding formats supported: Adobe Flash Live, MPEG-4, Windows Media (Silverlight® compatible) and RealVideo.