OSPREY 95-00135 Osprey 100 Low-Profile Single-Channel PCI Video Capture Card


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If you've seen streaming video, you've seen us, applies first and foremost to the Osprey-100. This entry-level, video-only capture card can be found in nearly every corporate and professional streaming video production facility in the world. The Opsrey-100's low-cost and performance have enabled many companies to launch Internet video products and services.

An Osprey-100 board is included with every copy of RealNetworks® Streaming Media Starter Kit, and is also bundled as part of their RealMedia Creation Kit. The Osprey-100 also allows for Windows Media® encoding along with capture into other popular software packages.

  • Closed Caption
  • PAL and NTSC supported video formats
  • Image overlay
  • Supports Video for Windows® APIs and OPI (Osprey® Programming Interface)

  • Multiple cards can be used simultaneously in a single system
  • Captures full frame video at 30 frames per second
  • Recommended by Microsoft and RealNetworks
  • Windows 2000 and Windows XP