OSPREY 95-00495 Osprey 816e Single Input 3G SDI or DVB-ASI PCIe Capture Card


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Ideal for high-density applications, the Osprey 816e card features a single highly configurable input.

Osprey SimulStream®
A standard feature on all Osprey 800 series cards, SimulStream allows each input to produce multiple parallel output streams with completely independent settings for color space, cropping, scaling, closed caption and overlays facilitating simultaneous delivery to multiple applications.

Additional Features
Signal Loss: In the event of signal loss, the Osprey card automatically replaces the lost video with color bars with options for text overlay and audio tones. This feature helps prevent unplanned stoppage of downstream applications upon signal loss.

Video Pre-Processing
  • VBI/VANC closed-caption extraction/on-screen rendering
  • Logo/bitmap overlay
  • Scaling, cropping, de-interlacing and inverse telecine
  • ProcAmp control
  • Vector Scope and Lumi Scope

    Driver Support
  • Microsoft® DirectShow® API
  • Linux

    Osprey SDK:
    An Osprey SDK is also available to allow developers to take full advantage of the Osprey 800e driver capabilities.

    Osprey 800a Audio Input Expansion board
    The Osprey 800a audio input card is a separate expansion board that adds two pairs of balanced audio via XLR connectors along with two additional pairs that can be configured as either unbalanced (RCA), AES/EBU (XLR) or SPDIF (RCA).
    See the Osprey 800a audio input card for details.


    Description: One channel SDI HD/SD DVB-ASI

  • PCI Express (x 4) (Slots: x 4, x 8, or x 16)
  • PCIe 1.1

    Video Input:
  • 3G SMPTE 424M
  • HD SMPTE 292M
  • SD SMPTE 259M

    Video Connector:
  • SDI (BNC)

    Video Modes:
  • 1080i 50, 59.94, 60
  • 1080p 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30
  • 720p 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 50, 59.94, 60
  • 720 x 480 29.97, 30/i (NTSC)
  • 720 x 576 25/i (PAL)
  • 720 x 576 25, 50/p
  • 3G SDI: 1080p 50, 59.94, 60

    Audio Input:
  • Embedded SDI: 4 stereo pairs
  • Optional: 2 x stereo unbalanced RCA*
  • Optional: 2 x stereo balanced XLR*
  • Optional: 2 x stereo balanced XLR or AES/EBU or SPDIF*
    *With available Osprey 800a audio card

  • None

  • Available Drivers:
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Linux
    For more information on the latest OS compatibility, please visit www.ospreyvideo.com

  • 6.60” L x 2.71” H (16.76cm L x 6.88 cm H)
  • Low profile

  • ≈70g

    Power Consumption:
  • 6.3 W

  • Operating Temp Range: 0° to 40° C
  • Storage Temp Range:-40° to +75° C
  • Rel Humidity Operating: Between 5 % and 80 % (noncondensing)
  • Rel Humidity Non-Operating: 95 % RH (non-condensing); gradient 30% per hour

    System recommendations:
  • High quality video capture requires a PCIe bus with direct access to the CPU

  • 1 year limited hardware warranty

    In the Box:
  • Low-profile bracket