SONY RMC950 Serial Remote Camera Control for DXC Series Cameras



The RM-C950 operates all functions on the DXC-950 and DXC-9000's rear panel, along with Zoom, Focus and Iris functions, via the RS-232 interface on the cameras. The supplied cable is 3 meters (if control from a further distance is required, the Sony CCU-M5 Camera Control Unit can be used with a maximum cable length of 300 meters.) Camera functions, such as Gain, Detail, Master Pedestal and Red and Blue Gain, are easily controlled by simply turning a knob (there is no need to display the menu screen on a monitor).

The RM-C950 is especially useful in microscope applications, because you can adjust the image while concentrating on the pictures. A Freeze button is provided to capture a still image of moving objects.