YAMAHA PJP-EC200 Conference Echo Canceller


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The PJP-EC200 is a remote conferencing echo canceller device for Web and video conference systems. When combined with a public address system (microphones, speakers, and a mixer), it can be used for a variety of demanding applications.

  • Smooth dulplex performance
    Echo can occur in an audio conference system when the microphones pick up the audio reproduced from the speakers. The PJP-EC200 enables smooth full-duplex talk by incorporating a high-performance adaptive echo canceller that eliminates any sounds reproduced by the connected speakers from the sounds picked up by the microphones.

  • Adaptive echo candeller.
    The PJP-EC200's adaptive echo canceller automatically adjusts the echo-filter factor according to the operating environment, as well as any connected audio equipment.
    Even when a movable microphone (handheld, tie-pin type, etc) is used, the PJP-EC200 follows the microphone automatically and efficiently eliminates echoes.

  • 20 kHz wide bandwidth echo canceller
    The built-in wide bandwidth echo canceller also supports HD audio codecs including AAC-LD. It picks up and plays back with no loss in sound quality, providing for smooth conversations.

  • 2-ch echo canceller
    The PJP-EC200 is equipped with a dual-channel adaptive echo canceller. Since the echo canceller parameters for each channel can be adjusted separately, the echo canceller works effectively even when two different types of microphones (such as boundary and handheld microphones) are used, or when the microphones are separated.

  • 2-ch mixing
    The built-in 2-channel mixer enables you to directly connect up to two microphones to the PJP-EC200. An external mixer is required only when three or more microphones are needed.
  • Feedback suppressor
    The PJP-EC200 also includes a feedback suppressor—type howling canceller for large meetings or conferences. For example, an instructor giving a remote lecture or seminar can use it to stop feedback in the PA system at the live venue. Of course it also functions as a stand-alone feedback suppressor.

  • Even when next to a projector, noise reduction eliminates the sound of the fan
    The built-in noise reduction eliminates noise even in rooms with constant sound such as from projectors and air conditioners. Noise is removed from the ambient sound picked up by the microphones. The listener hears only clear voices. In addition, the PJP-EC200 can remove noises from sounds received from the other end of a call. It produces clear voices even if the other device does not support noise reduction.

  • Auto gain controller
    Automatically adjusts the pickup gain to keep the volume of picked up sounds constant.
    Because it cleverly minimizes the volume differences caused by distances between talkers and their microphones, users can concentrate on the conference without paying attention to the position of the microphone.

  • Auto analyzer
    The auto analyzer function automatically enters the microphone-speaker distance and feedback suppressor (notch filter) settings that are best suited for the operating environment.
    It optimizes the unit's audio settings to minimize feedback, and corrects microphone-speaker audio delay which often happens in large rooms.

  • DIP switch
    By using the DIP switch on the rear panel of the PJP-EC200 in combination with the auto analyzer function, users can easily configure the unit's settings. No PC connection is required.

  • GUI setup
    With an Ethernet connection, users can remotely enter detailed settings on a PC via a network.