YAMAHA XM-CS-700 Wired Extension Microphone for CS-700 System


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The Extension Microphone for the Yamaha CS-700AV and CS-700SP models allows you to extend the reach of microphone pick-up for Yamaha’s Video Sound Bar for huddle rooms.

Extended Audio Pickup
While the audio pick-up of the CS-700 is specifically optimized for people within about a radius of about 12’/3.5m, the CS-700 Extension Microphone allows you to extend that range.

Additional Mute
In addition to extending the audio pick-up range of the CS-700, the extension microphone also provides an additional mute button, allowing to easily muting the CS-700 system from the table.

Easy Set Up
The microphone simply connects to the proprietary extension microphone connector on the CS-700AV and SP models. With a 25 foot cable, the extension microphone allows you to route the wire through conduits from the microphone to the CS-700 unit.