High Definition Video System for Church - Software-Based Switcher - 2 Cameras



Our two-camera high definition video system for a church with software-based switcher offers the ability to record, livestream and distribute in-house church services and facility functions. The two GOHD4K PTZ cameras mounted in the sanctuary capture services in high definition. The pan-tilt-zoom functions of the camera are controlled remotely (in the AV room) via the RCC6000 joystick controller. A single controller can control up to six cameras installed in a daisy-chain configuration. Specific camera positions can be preset with the controller making operation easier for church volunteers. Note, the RCC6000 controller does not have any video function. Video from the cameras must be previewed via the computer monitor (to be discussed below) or via optional preview monitors.

In this system, the video switching function is performed by free OBS Studio software. The HD-SDI video signals are sent from each camera over coax cable (in a home-run configuration, not daisy-chain) to the church AV room where they are captured to a computer (Windows, not Mac) via the Magewell multi-channel PCIe capture card. Audio is captured from an existing sound board into OBS via the computer microphone input or an optional audio-to-USB device. Please note, our system does not include the required computer. This will need to be sourced elsewhere. Within OBS, you can switch between cameras, select transitions and fades, add titles, lower third graphics and more.  Beyond live editing/production functions, with OBS you can live stream your church service.

Download OBS Studio for FREE here: https://obsproject.com/

A Blackmagic playback device (such as the Decklink Mini Monitor) can be used to output the broadcast for live distribution to TVs or projectors in the church facility. The type of distribution system to be used would depend on the number of TVs you want to broadcast to and the location of the TVs (cable lengths required to reach the TVs). Church services can be viewed live in overflow rooms, cry rooms or nurseries, for example.


4K 3G-SDI/HDMI/IP/USB PTZ Camera with 20x Zoom

  • Note, camera must be powered near mounted location with included power supply.

  • MT400-W
    Wall Mount for GOHDK (white)

    Connects camera to RCC6000 joystick controller for PTZ control.
  • Available in lengths up to 200 ft.

    Connects camera to camera in a daisy-chain configuration for PTZ control.
  • Available in lengths up to 200 ft.

    Joystick Controller for Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras
  • Control up to six cameras in a daisy-chain configuration.

    Belden 1694A HDTV RG6 BNC Cable
  • Cable carries HD-SDI video from camera in lengths up to 200 ft.

    MAGEWELL 11090
  • Pro Capture Quad SDI
  • Capture HD-SDI video from two high definition cameras
  • Requires available PCIe slot in computer.

  • Download OBS Studio for FREE here:https://obsproject.com/

    If you want to output the broadcast (video and audio) for live distribution to in-house TVs/monitors/projectors, you will need a Blackmagic playback device such as one of the options below.
  • BLACKMAGIC BDLKMINMON - Mini Monitor PCIe playback card offers an HDMI and SDI output with embedded audio.
  • BLACKMAGIC BINTSPRO4K - Intensity Pro 4K PCIe capture and playback card offers an HDMI with embedded audio output as well as a breakout cable with analog video and audio outputs.