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Why install a video system in your church?

LIVE STREAM To live stream church services. Whether on Facebook Live, YouTube or your own website, streaming church services allows you to connect with people beyond the walls of your church. You can reach existing members who are unable to attend the service live and reach new members who may feel more comfortable checking out your church online before they join.
RECORD To record services, choir concerts, or special messages given by guest speakers. If church members can't attend a service, recordings will allow them to watch the service at a later date. A church might also send recordings to air services on local television channels.
DISTRIBUTE To distribute services live into other areas of the building such as the nursery or fellowship hall. This is particularly useful for overflow areas when the main church hall is full. Video can be distributed to monitors mounted throughout the main church hall so that everyone has an excellent view of the worship service, regardless of where they are sitting.

Getting Started Putting together a video system for your church is an involved process and each system is different. To begin the process, here are a few questions you should ask yourself:

What are you trying to accomplish with your video system?
Record/archive, stream online, and/or distribute to in-house screens or overflow areas

Are you upgrading an existing standard definition video system?
High definition video has taken over and is now expected when it comes to video quality. It is important to note that, when migrating from a standard definition system to a high definition system, ALL of the video components must be HD-compatible in order to take full advantage of high definition video quality. We are happy to answer any questions about and asisting with upgrading to a high definition video system.

How many cameras will you need?
The size of the facility and the size of your budget will help determine the number of cameras you will need. With the pan, tilt and zoom functions of the GOHD400 cameras, a one-camera system for a church may be satisfactory. The use of more than one camera requires the additional need for a video selector/mixer.

How far will you have to run cable from the camera(s) to your AV room?
HDMI cable is limited in length, with 50 ft generally being considered the maximum length without the use of extenders or boosters. This is why we typically recommend high definition SDI instead. SDI is transmitted over 75 Ohm coax cable with BNC connectors, typically RG-6; the coax cable can be run for over 300ft.

Do you have existing equipment to incorporate?

What is your budget?

Below you will find several House of Worship video systems for sale that allow for some basic customization. If you need assistance putting together a system to meet your specific needs, feel free to CONTACT US HERE.

Our most popular video system for church is our Single Camera HD Video Live Stream System for House of Worship. This streaming system for a church is an affordable solution offering live streaming and recording capabilities. With our online Quick Start Guide, this church streaming system is easy to install and operate. Furthermore, this system is expandable so additional cameras can be added in the future if desired.