GO ELECTRONIC RCC6000 VISCA Serial / IP Controller for PTZ Cameras (RCC4000 Replacement)



The RCC6000 pan tilt zoom joystick controller replaces our RCC4000 controller. Like its predecessor, the RCC6000 supports VISCA protocol meaning it will work with any ptz camera using the VISCA command protocol over RS232 cabling. So if you simply want to upgrade your RCC4000 controller or other VISCA controller, the RCC6000 is a "drop-in" upgrade. In addition, our new PTZ joystick controller also supports VISCA over network/IP control. Just connect the controller to your local area network (LAN) using a single ethernet connection and you can control compatible IP cameras also connected to your LAN.

We have added more controls and keys to the controller for easier, more efficient operation. You no longer have to search through menus to make adjustments to settings such as white balance, exposure mode, p/t/z speed and more.


Set and recall preset positions

Now it's even easier to set and recall up to 10 preset positions with the RCC6000. A long press sets the position and a short press recalls the preset position.

Multiple Camera Control

With the RCC6000 you can control up to six cameras with just one controller. Whether connecting via VISCA over RS232 or VISCA over IP, once connected, you can easily switch between cameras using the camera shortcut keys.

If using the RS232 communication mode, multiple cameras are connected to the RCC6000 in a daisy-chain configuration meaning Camera 1 connects to the RCC6000, Camera 2 connects to Camera 1, Camera 3 connects to Camera 2 and so on. The first cable that connects Camera 1 to the RCC6000 is the EVI CONTROL CABLE, with a serial connector to connect to the RCC6000 and 8-pin mini-DIN connector to connect to the camera. Additional cameras are connected to one another using EVI DS CABLE with 8-pin mini-DIN connectors on both ends.

PTZ Speed Controls

With ptz speed control knobs right on the front of the controller, you now have the ability to slow down or speed up camera movement literally at your fingertips. Control PAN/TILT speed, ZOOM speed and PRESET speed.

Zoom Toggle

We have added a toggle for zoom control (in addition to zoom control via turning the joystick). You can use the toggle and the joystick to easily zoom and pan/tilt the camera simultaneously.

  • Supports analog and network/IP control
  • Supports VISCA, VISCA over IP, ONVIF, PELCO-P and PELCO-D protocol
  • Touch sensitive joystick control of pan, tilt and zoom speed
  • Control up to six cameras
  • Supports web interface for camera and controller configuration
  • Controller firmware can be upgraded remotely via USB or network connection through web interface

  • RCC6000 Joystick Controller
  • PTZ VISCA Control Cable
  • 12 VDC AC Adapter
  • Instruction Manual

    How to Control a PTZ Camera with the RCC6000
    Controlling Multiple Cameras with the RCC6000

    I am having trouble setting up my PTZ Optics camera over IP with the RCC6000. Help.
    The VISCA over IP control protocol should be TCP and the default TCP port is 5678.