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Web conferencing (video conferencing via the web) is a more cost effective alternative to the stand-alone video conferencing systems. Go Electronic provides all of the web conferencing video and audio equipment necessary to outfit a single desktop or a large conference room. Web conferencing software, such as WebEx, GoToMeeting and Zoom, is required for a complete web conferencing system. A key benefit of web-based video conferencing is the flexibility in the selection of audio and video equipment. You can select equipment that best fits your budget, the size of your conference room and the application. For your convenience, we have put together packages of video and audio equipment compatible with the leading web conferencing software.

For meetings at a desktop or laptop, Go Electronic offers a selection of web cameras. But if you are outfitting a medium to large sized conference room, we recommend our GO ELECTRONIC GOHD20U. The GOHD20U pan tilt zoom high definition USB camera is the ideal solution for conference and boardroom installations with its outstanding image quality, PTZ control and easy USB connectivity. The GOHD20U offers 1080p video at 60 frames per second and a 12x optical zoom. You can capture all meeting attendees in one shot or zoom in on an individual speaker or presentation/display across the room. With the included IR remote or optional RCC4000 ptz joystick controller, you can pan left and right or zoom in and out.

Although our recommended GOHD20U USB camera has a built-in microphone, you may want to consider a standalone USB microphone for the best room coverage. So what conferencing microphone should you choose? The answer to this question depends mostly on the coverage that you require. With it's 20+ feet of coverage, the Acoustic Magic Voice Tracker II is best for larger rooms. The Voice Tracker automatically and electronically steers a listening beam to the active talker. Couple this feature with its high quality acoustic echo cancellation function (all the near end talkers will be heard, even if they talk softly or are far away from the mic, and the far end talker will hear no echo), and the Voice Tracker II enables full duplex VoIP based conferencing. If you are not trying to pick up all attendees in a meeting room but only one speaker, then you should consider the REVOLABS XTAG wireless clip-on microphone. The speaker wearing the xTag microphone can move freely around the meeting room up to 20 meters from the microphone base station which is connected to your computer via USB.