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Go Electronic carries a wide selection of products for government and law enforcement applications.

PAN-TILT ZOOM CAMERAS are an excellent choice for closed courtroom monitoring/broadcasting as well as live streaming of government meetings. The GOHD20U and GOHD400 cameras offer pan-tilt-zoom functionality which allows for complete room coverage. Additionally the remote operation of these cameras allows for less obtrusive recording.

ACOUSTIC MAGIC VOICE TRACKER I The Acoustic Magic Voice Tracker I array microphone provides an economical and easily maintainable solution for microphone coverage in a courtroom. Coverage may be required at the Judge’s bench, Witness chair, and Attorney tables, as well as at the Jury box for Jury polling, or at the Gallery for Voir Dire (Jury selection). Historically, this was accomplished by using a number of goose neck, wireless or obtrusive hanging microphones, combined via elaborate mixing systems. The automatically and electronically steered listening beam of the Voice Tracker I offers an alternative solution. The Voice Tracker I array microphones not only cover the “recording gaps” in the courtroom layout, but also solve a variety of sound reinforcement needs. With the addition of a compressor in the output of the Voice Tracker, the speaker can’t escape being picked up, or overpower the microphone with loud speech or coughing. The compression also provides unique gain-before-feedback capabilities, while the microphone’s beam steering provides the perfect defense against highly reverberant spaces. The pick up pattern of the microphones is such that anyone speaking up to 35 feet away in the pattern can be heard as if the microphone were placed directly in front of them. This eliminates the need to use wireless mics, which adds complexity to the system and suffers from the fact that sometimes their batteries run out. Multiple Voice Trackers are powered from a single, regulated DC power supply to save real estate that would otherwise be taken up by multiple “wall warts”.


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