MAGEWELL 10071 2-Ch HD + 4-Ch SD Full-Height PCIe Capture Card (XI204XE)


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Connect to Various Kinds of Devices
  • By XI204XE, you can capture various kinds of SD and HD video signals. You can connect to HD digital signal devices, like DVI, HDMI. You can also connect to HD analog signal devices, like VGA and component signals. Meanwhile XI204XE can capture 4-channel A/V signals. You can use XI204XE to connect various kinds of input signal displayed by multiple screens.

    Integration of Various Functions
  • It can simultaneously capture 2-channel HD 1080p signals and 4-channel A/V singles with each HD channel at 1080p/60 Hz, and A/V channel at D1/30Fps. The frame will not lose. You can scale or clip the HD and SD input signals, which satisfies your individual requirements and bring personalized experience.

    Professional Video Processing Functions
  • It has the function of adjusting colors, which can adjust the image contrast, brightness, color saturation, hue and Gamma. The brightness and contrast of R, G, B can be set separately, and it provides motion-adaptive de-interlacing. The moving image will have not the phenomenon of trailing, which ensures a clearer moving image. It adopts AD converter with the sample precision rate at 10 bits. The image details are colorful with a high signal noise rate which reduces the color edges to the maximum extent.

    Outstanding Image Quality
  • By XI204XE, users can get real-time captured image, which is at its full resolution, high definition and uncompressed. This ensures the quality of original images when the HD material is input into HD programs. The maximum resolution can reach 2048x 1536.The image will be captured as what it is instead of compressing the video and losing or lowering the image quality. The recovered color is clear and vivid. Your creativeness will fully do itself justice by the high-quality images.

    High Performance
  • It adopts high-speed PCI-Express x4 interface, with the transmission bandwidth at 600-800 MB/s and adopts technologies of large volume image buffer, which can achieve higher transmission speed and quality easily. The color space switch, image processing like image mirror/vertical flip, scale, de-interlace will be done within FPGA. It largely reduces the CPU, and effective DMA transmission further releases the capability of CPU. Users can use CPU to do other work.

    Small Size with Super Stability
  • The powerful XI204XE has super small size, which is only 117mm x 102.8mm. The size is 30% smaller than similar products. All the chips and capacity cells are imported components of high quality. It adopts the design of 6 layers. The signal performance is better than similar products, which can work at its full capacity for super long hours, i.e. continuously work 24hx7 without stopping.

    Leading Low Power Consumption
  • XI204XE can simultaneously capture 2-channel 1080P video signals and 4-channel A/V signals while the power consumption is only 5w which is only 1/2 of similar products.

    Easy Hardware Update
  • It adopts Magewell exclusive video processing engines, and it is highly flexible. You update Magewell processing engines by firmware and driver update without replacing the hardware. It can achieve the result of hardware update even if the chips remain unchanged. It largely reduces the cost of maintenance and succeeds in providing perfect service.

    Compatibility with More Software
  • It adopts standard development interface. It is compatible with various kinds of audio and video capture software based on DirectShow interface or audio capture software based on DirectSound interface, such as Windows Media Encoder, Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder, Real Producer Plus, and VideoLAN for Windows.