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How to Choose the Right the ConferenceSHOT AV Bundle?

1. ConferenceSHOT™ AV bundles all come with the same HD PTZ camera with an audio mixer built into the base of the camera. Pick the color that works best in the room – black and silver or white. Part numbers that end with a “W” are the white option.

2. How many people will be at the table?
1 – 6 people: Pick bundle with one microphone
7 – 12 people: Pick bundle with two microphone

3. Do you prefer table microphones or ceiling microphones?
- Offers controls for master volume, mute, one camera shot selection button, and On/Off hook (if supported by conferencing software)
-Easy to install – one category cable
- Built-in echo cancellation
- Three uni-directional condenser elements for 360 ̊ coverage
-Off the table and out of the way
-Light indicates mute status
-Easy to install – one category cable
-Includes plenum-rated ceiling interface box
-Built-in echo cancellation
-Three uni-directional condenser elements for 360 ̊ coverage

4. Select your speaker option.
Most people choose the ConferenceSHOT speaker because it attaches nicely to the camera and can be mounted to the wall or fitted into the custom tabletop stand. If you’d rather use a monitor with a built-in speaker, then choose a kit with the HDMI audio embedder so the built-in camera audio mixer can prevent echo/feedback during call

5. Do you need a mount?
All bundles come with a wall mount that holds a camera and speaker. An optional tabletop mount is also available.