CABLES TO GO 42223 RapidRun® Digital HDMI® Voltage Inserter



RapidRun® Digital is designed to be the standard for in-wall digital audio/video installations. The RapidRun system empowers you to customize your installation to create your own ideal audio/video solution. Break-away flying leads and wall plates ensure flexible, efficient, high quality connections for all types of equipment.

At times, a source device (cable box, DVD player, video game system) will not have enough power dedicated to the HDMI output. This will cause a voltage drop and the video quality is affected, or worse, there is no video at all. This voltage inserter solves the problem by isolating the power from the source device, and it provides 1 Amp of dedicated power to give the crisp, clean signal that is expected from high definition equipment, up to 1080p resolution.

Instructions For Use:
    • Connect the voltage inserter directly to the source device through the HDMI port.
    • Connect your HDMI interconnect cable to the voltage inserter.
    • For specific installation questions, please contact your RapidRun sales representative for assistance, or call customer service at 1-800-506-9607.