HITACHI JU-Z2 Junction Unit for PC Interface of Up to 8 HV Cameras



Junction untion for interconnection of one camera controller to multiple cameras. One JU-Z2 unit can interconnect up to 8 cameras. For interconnection of more than 8 cameras to a single controller it is also possible to daisy chain multiple JU-Z2 units. JU-Z2 can be connected either to a personal computer with RS-232C interface or to the Hitachi MP-D33W multi camera controller. JU-Z2 is being energized through the cameras remote cables and thus does not need any separate power supply.

  • Applicable cameras include HV-C20A, HV-D15, HV-D25, HV-D27 and HV-D37
  • Number of cameras controlled: Up to 8
  • Communication system: Asynchronous system
  • Recommended baud rate: 9600 bps
  • Serial data level: Camera: 1.5 volts, Computer: RS-232C level
  • Maximum cable length: Camera: 200 meters
  • Power supply: DC 10 to 15 volts (supplied from camera)
  • Ambient temperature: 0 to +40C
  • Dimensions (mm): 49(H)x210(W)x135(D)
  • Mass: a pprox. 0.9kg