KOWA LM3NF 1/3" 2.7mm NF Mount Wide Angle MegaPixel Lens



The Kowa LM3NF lens is a 1/3" 2.7mm NF mount high resolution lens perfect for obtaining a wide-angle view with the Sony XC-505 camera. This lens gives an identical field of view on the 1/3" format XC505 camera as the discontinued VCL-03S12XM lens gave on the old 1/2" XC-555 camera.

  • Focal Length: 2.7mm
  • Image Size: 1/3"
  • Iris Range (F-Stop): F1.8~16
  • Angle of View: Vertical 75.5 degrees, Horizontal 100.8 degrees, Diagonal 125.9 degrees
  • Distortion (TV): -7.3%
  • Shooting Range at M.O.D: Vertical 164mm, Horizontal 256mm, Diagonal 412mm
  • Minimum Focus Distance: 0.1 meter
  • Flange Back in Air: 12mm
  • Back Focus in Air: 7.83mm
  • Diameter: Front 16.2mm Rear 8.4mm
  • Mount: NF
  • Exit Pupil: -17.9mm
  • Weight: 26 grams
  • Temperature Range: -10 Celsius to +45 Celsius