PLUS C-20W Electronic Wide Format CaptureBoard



"Capture" the image projected on the screen along with all of the notes and comments written on the screen into a single file on you computer! The new C-20 series of PLUS CaptureBoards offer industry leading features for saving and sharing the notes from your meetings. Network and Smartphone integration!

  • Unique surface for both projection and writing. Now improved!
  • 2 Writing Panels.
  • USB Memory Stick port.
  • USB port for Direct PC Connectivity.
  • Connect to your network for easy saving and sharing.
  • Control copyboard functions from your iPhone®, iPad®, iPod® or Android™ smartphone.
  • Front loading USB memory.
  • Color inkjet Printer compatible.
  • Lightweight design for added portability and wall mounting or partition mounting.
  • Magnets can be attached to the board surface.
  • Optional stand with casters allows for easy room-to-room transfer.

    Network Function
    Connect to a network via an ethernet cable. There are two options for saving and sharing your information over the network.
  • Save your copyboard data to the board's internal memory. Approximately 100 pages can be stored. Using an assigned IP address, your team can access the images on the board from their computers using a web browser. The data on the board is accessible even in "Stand-by" mode. Password protect the board for added security.
  • When connected to the network, you can save to an FTP server so that everyone on your team has access to the saved information.

    Access Via Your SmartPhone
    Just install the Meeting Pocket App (MTG pocket) and gain access to many useful and time-saving meeting tools. Both Apple iOS® and Google Android™ mobile operating systems are supported, so you can use your iPhone®, iPad®, iPod® or Android™ phone. The MTG pocket App lets you perform the "scan" function of the board from your SmartPhone. The resulting image file can then be previewed and saved to your phone's memory − as well as to the memory of phones belonging to anyone present in the meeting who has the MTG pocket App installed! Furthermore, the MTG pocket App lets you record audio and video during the meeting. The audio and video files are organized in the same folder as the board image files, so that all of the meeting data is in one convenient location. [Note: Using the MTG pocket App requires the connection of a "wireless access point" to the board as well as a compatible phone. Compatible with Apple iOS 4 and above and Android 2.3 and above.]

    Improved Writing Surface
    Easier to erase. No need for special markers. You can now use regular dry erase markers on the writing surface.

    Smooth Hand-Scrolling
    The surface of the C-20 Series boards are easy to move when using just your hand. The scrolling force needed has been reduced to 7 oz (0.2kg) - a vast improvement compared to the previous model's 3 lbs (1.4kg).

    New, more convenient printing
    Now, with the C-20, you can use the on-board printer (optional) to print the combined projected image and notes.

    Faster Scanning Time
    PLUS has once again improved scanning time. The C-20 boards (standard width models) scan in a mere 15 seconds - an improvement of 8 seconds over the previous model.

    Magnet Attachable
    Magnets can be attached to the board surface.

  • Writing Panels: 2
  • Writing Area: 70"w x 35"h
  • Paper Type: Plain Paper, Color