PLUS M-17S Electronic Standard Format CopyBoard



Building on the success of the BF Series, the new PLUS M-17 is thinner, lighter, loaded with advanced features and yet remains competitively priced. Its clean, stylish appearance will compliment a variety of business and office environments. Choose to print your notes in black and white or to save your work digitally (in black and white) either to a USB Memory Stick or directly to your pc.

  • 2 Writing Panels.
  • USB Memory Stick port.
  • USB port for Direct PC Connectivity.
  • USB port for an on-board printer. (Printer sold separately.)
  • Up to 10 print-outs at a time from copyboard.
  • Inkjet Printer compatible. (See compatible printer list.)
  • Lightweight design for added portability and wall mounting or partition mounting.
  • Optional stand with casters allows for easy room-to-room transfer.

    Store your work digitally.
    With digital storage functionality, the PLUS M-17 expands organization-wide communication. The M-17 allows you to store and retrieve the data from the board through either a Direct PC Connection, or by using a USB Memory Stick. Images are saved as PDF files. Once the image data has been downloaded to your computer, you can utilize it in many useful ways:
  • Easily distribute exact copies of your work via email. Send it to absent audience members!
  • Using office applications, insert the writing on the board into business documents and other materials.
  • Further edit and enhance your work with image editing software.
  • Cut down on storage space and clutter with compact digital files.

    Print your work to paper.
    The M-17 allows you to print the contents of the board in black and white using compatible inkjet printers. You can utilize the printer in either the copyboard's wall-mounted or floor-standing configuration. Please note that the electronic whiteboard does not come with a printer. Compatible printers are widely available from retailers nationwide. (View compatible printer list) Advantages of plain paper copies:
  • Present your audience with an exact copy of what has been written on the board.
  • Listeners can commit their attention to the presentation; not to taking notes.
  • Maintain consistency by preventing errors or omissions in drawings, charts, and diagrams.
  • Conveniently store paper copies for future reference.

    The M-17 uses a new LED light system for low power consumption. No lamp replacement is necessary.

    Shown above with optional stand, the M-17S electronic whiteboard comes with wall mounting equipment included.

    Slim Profile
    The M-17 has been slimmed down from the previous BF Series model, going from 5 inches in depth to under 3 inches. The slimmer and lighter M-17 is more easily mounted on a wall and takes up less space in your meeting room or office.

    Faster Scanning Time
    PLUS has once again improved scanning time. The M-17S scans in a mere 15seconds, an improvement of 8 seconds over the previous model.

    Smooth Hand-Scrolling
    The surface of the M-17 is easy to move when using just your hand. The scrolling force needed has been reduced to 7 oz (0.2kg) — a vast improvement compared to the previous model's 3 lbs (1.4kg).

    Easy-Access USB Port
    The USB port is located on the front of the board for easy access when saving to a USB memory stick.

    Built-in Software
    No need to install software. Just connect your computer to the M-17 via a USB cable to save an image. Both PC and Mac compatible.

    Eco-friendly, Low Power Consumption.
    The M-17 was designed to be both environmentally friendly as well as economically friendly. Power consumption has been reduced to 12W/2W (M-17S) from the previous 120W/60W (BF).