QOMO QRF500 Flexible "Ready-To-Go" Assessment System


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The QRF 500 system lets you engage participants in virtually any situation. With the QRF500's familiar features, like the LCD screen and full alpha-numeric keypad, they're easy to learn and fun to use.With PowerPoint integration, real-time feedback can be electronically collected at the simple click of a button. This eliminates having to manually grade tests and quizzes and allows for a wide variety of reporting features to track the progress of students.The built-in mouse control and teacher remote gives you the freedom of not being tied to the computer. Classrooms are enriched as the QRF 500 encourages interaction and participation from every singe audience member, leaving no one behind.


Quizzes Made Easy for Everyone!
  • Supports True & False, Mulitple Choice and Short Answer
  • Full alpha-numeric keypad for text and numeric answers
  • Multiple actvity modes: Normal Quiz, Paper Quiz, Rush Quiz, Elimination, Vote, Free Style, and Survey
  • Freestyle mode enabling you to run quizzes on any topic

    Instant Feedback
  • Instantly display results
  • Generate queries based on class, individual or activity
  • Instant confirmation of response on the pad

    Microsoft Integration
  • Easy PowerPoint slide conversion
  • Import and export class lists in Excel formats

    Other Functions
  • Back-lit LCD screen with 4 lines of display and 32 alpha-numeric characters
  • Conduct timed quizzes and tests
  • Built-in mouse control frees instructor from computer to interact with audience
  • Automatic login for Response Remote


    Teacher Remote Specifications
  • Dimensions: 5"x2"x1"
  • LCD: 1.7" color backlit
  • Resolution: 128x160px, 19 line/15 characters
  • Power: 2x AA Batteries

    Student Remote Specifications
  • Dimensions: 4.5"x1.8"x.7"
  • LCD: 1.1" backlit
  • Resolution: 128x64, 4 lines/32 characters
  • Power: 2x AAA Batteries

    Receiver Specifications
  • DImensions: 3"x1"x.3"
  • Technology: 2.4 GHz RF
  • Maximum number of units per receiver: 1000
  • Connection: USB