SONY RM-IP10 IP Remote Controller for the BRC-H900, BRC-Z700, and BRC-Z330


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With the RM-IP10, the BRC-H900, BRC-Z700, and BRC-Z330 can be controlled though an IP network. The use of the proper IP Control Interface Board, either the BRBK-IP10 or BRBK-IP7Z (depending on camera model) is also required for compatibility. This functionality allows for flexible configurations, and enables the installation of up to 112 units of BRC cameras and up to five units of RM-IP10 controller depending on customer requirements.

Control of up to 112 BRC cameras via IP
  • The RM-IP10 remote control panel gives you control of up to 112 BRC cameras over an IP network.

    Additional ability to use VISCA control
  • The RM-IP10 can also control up to 7 BRC cameras over a traditional VISCA (Video System Control Architecture) network.

    Compatible with BRC-H900, BRC-Z330 and BRC-Z700 cameras
  • The RM-IP10 is compatible with the BRC-H900 and BRC-Z330 cameras when they are fitted with the BRBK-IP10 option board, and the BRC-Z700 camera when it is fitted with the BRBK-IP7Z option board.

    Simple RJ-45 (10Base-T/100Base-TX) connection for easy connection
  • The RM-IP10 links to an IP network with via a RJ-45 connector providing very easy, low cost and speedy installation.

    PC configuration software supplied
  • The RM-IP10 provides for convenient configuration of system IPs and BRCs numbers, with location free configuration of anetwork.

    Up to 5 controllers can operate on a single network
  • Up to 5 RM-IP10 control panels can be used on a single network allowing shared control and simultaneous multi-operator control of large camera systems.

    Simultaneous Preset recall to all cameras under control
  • Instantaneous set-up of multiple cameras provides a big time saving for camera adjustments.