VADDIO 999-2225-050 IN-Ceiling Half Recessed Enclosure for HD-20/19/18 PTZ Cameras


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For mounting the ClearVIEW HD-20, HD-19 and HD-18 cameras halfway into a ceiling tile.

  • Metal back box and white metal trim ring included
  • Active IR circuit in trim ring and enclosure
  • Tile support brace included

    The IN-Ceiling Half-Recessed Enclosure Includes:
  • Shallow, Sealed Metal Back Can with Bezel Ring, Back Box Lid and Internal IR Emitter Board
  • White Trim Ring with IR Receiver with Cable Attached
  • One-piece Tile Support Brace
  • 3/4" Platform Height Adapter for HD-20 Camera
  • Mounting Hardware
  • 24" (0.0006096 km) Cat-5e Patch Cable