ZEEVEE HDB2840 HDBridge 4 Channel Unencrypted HDMI Digital Encoder / Modulator


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HDMI Digital Encoder / Modulator

The HDb2840 is a 4-channel HD modulator with unencrypted HDMI inputs for our best video quality yet! PLUS you get a bonus 5th Channel! Save an MPEG-2 video file to the internal memory and use it as an additional signage channel!

  • Distribute HD video throughout your facility
  • Centralize and reduce the number of signage players
  • Commercial or residential​
  • Use existing coaxial cabling
  • Compatible with any HDTV

    Important Notice: The HDMI input on ZeeVee products is designed to accept unencrypted video, typically from a digital signage player, video camera, or other self-generated content. Our HDMI input may not work with Apple products (such as Macs), Blu-ray players, satellite boxes, or cable boxes, as they are typically encrypted.