Control USB PTZ Camera in Zoom

Did you know that you can control the pan, tilt, and zoom functions of your GOHD20U USB PTZ camera within the Zoom video conferencing application?

"Far End Camera Control"

Far end camera control allows any participant inside of your Zoom meeting to take control of the PTZ movement of your GOHD20U camera. As live streaming has become a necessity, remote ptz camera control has become popular in areas such as telemedicine, education and business. Let someone else handle the ptz operation of your camera.

First you need to enable the "Far End Camera Control" option in your Zoom dashboard. You can do this as an administrator of the Zoom account. Start by logging in and enabling the feature under "account settings." Once you have enabled "Far End Camera Control" in your Zoom dashboard, anyone inside of your Zoom meetings can "request remote camera control" (a meeting participant can do this by right-clicking on the video of the user with the GOHD20U camera). Once approved by the GOHD20U user, the meeting participant will have control of the PTZ functions of your camera. "Far end camera control" is available with the standard Zoom app. Find more info on Zoom's site here:

"Near end camera control" is available with the paid Zoom Room application;