GO ELECTRONIC RS232-CAT5-V RS-232 to Cat-5 Adapter for Connecting Sony EVI and BRC Cameras to Vaddio Controllers



RS-232 to Cat5 adapter to connect Sony EVI and BRC cameras to Vaddio controllers via Cat5 or Cat6 network cabling.

Here is the problem: You have existing Sony EVI or BRC series PTZ cameras that you want to control via a Vaddio brand controller. Vaddio makes great controllers (with built in monitor screens). But their controllers use RJ-45 style network jacks and the Sony PTZ cameras use 8 pin Mini-Din (VISCA) jacks. So we have the solution for you. Our RS232-CAT5-V has an 8 pin Mini-Din plug on one end to plug into the camera's VISCA control jack and an RJ-45 jack on the other end. All you need to do is supply the network cable (Cat5 or Cat6 style) with RJ-45 plugs at your desired length. The network cable will plug into our adapter on one end and the Vaddio controller on the other end. Problem solved!

  • Adapter connects to RS-232 VISCA 8 pin Mini-Din port on camera and converts it to an RJ-45 Cat5/Cat6 style jack so network cabling can be run to an RJ-45F camera control port on one of Vaddio's controllers
  • For control signal only (does not carry video or power)