Live Streaming School Events

With spectators being prohibited, more and more schools are streaming events online so family and friends can still watch their student athlete or student performer. We offer schools affordable live streaming solutions for theater or musical performances or athletic events. And, for students with an interest in broadcasting, this is also an amazing opportunity to work with the latest technology.

Our GOHD20U 12x Zoom PTZ USB camera is a great solution for live streaming in the classroom. Many schools are now using Zoom to reach students remotely. The GOHD20U camera connects to a laptop or desktop computer via a USB port and is immediately recognized by Zoom as your conferencing camera. It keeps things simple for teachers. The GOHD20U camera also offers pan-tilt-zoom functionality for complete room coverage as well as preset position capability. So you can pre-determine camera shots (e.g., close-up of a lab table, pan to a white board, etc) and then, with the push of a button on the IR remote, move the camera to that shot. READ MORE ABOUT THE GOHD20U.

Our Live Streaming System with NO COMPUTER REQUIRED is a great option for streaming events/activities around a school campus. Just connect Magewell's UltraStream encoder to the internet via wither an ethernet jack or the school's wi-fi and you can stream to Facebook Live, YouTube or a custom RTMP. The GOHD400 High Definition PTZ camera, offers 20x optical zoom, excellent low light sensitivity and large pan and tilt angles. The streaming system would work well in school gyms and athletic facilities, auditoriums or large lecture halls.

Our Sports Live Stream System takes advantage of Wirecast Pro video streaming software. Enhance camera shots with graphics, computer graphics and text, video effects, high-quality audio and other broadcast quality production elements. Use integrated scoreboards and instant replay for high quality live streams. Plus, with the Wirecast Cam app, you can turn any iPhone (4S or newer) or iPad into a wireless camera and capture into Wirecast as a source. It’s an inexpensive way to add shots from unexpected places - on the sidelines, in the team huddle, in the student cheering section, etc.

Not sure what you need? Just CONTACT US, let us know what you want to do and we will help you find the best solution.